A lack of critical art, just like in the other great cities

Critical art is not found in Beijing, just like in other great cities as London and Los Angeles.

Serious and etnical art would make the art in Beijing more interesting

Besides the artwork which commemorate great moments in communistic epic, there are no sculptures found relevant to other epics.

Lack of information

It’s hard to find the details about the artist and the backgrounds of the artwork, just like it is in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Key-words of the projects in Beijing: ethnical, serious, critical, historical and humourous.

14 pieces of art are chosen from Berlin, Florence, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Milan, New York, Prague, Shanghai and Venice.
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Special feature Description Location Information Image
ethnical Earth, earth and earth: the material, the country and the basis-story. Elisabeth Frink Click here
humourous Oeps ... an artwork is coming ... Ming Ju Click here
serious This artwork is crying and evokes this feeling even in a croudy mess of tourists. Kaethe Kollwitz Click here
ethnical An identity of a people can be expresses by minimal means. Natalie Krol Click here
critical This woman made it. She adresses an issue. Augusto Murer Click here
humourous Being proud about the film-industry is expressed by using basis parts of another kind of industry. Karel Nepras Click here
historical This artwork is celebrating basics of a city. In this case: an underground and a famous activity. Claes Oldenburg Click here
historical History can be changed even by ordinary people. This is hopefull and inspires. Nada Prlja Click here
ethnical Starting from zero. Hoping it works out. Not knowing what will come. Great to look back. Luis Sanguino Click here
serious This artwork is issuing by confronting the watcher with himself. Huan Zhang Click here
serious By being peacefull, close to his spirit and close to the identity of his country, he wanted the country to do the same. Fredda Brilliant Click here
historical This ancient artwork expresses a key-story about a people. Pio Fedi Click here
historical History can be seen as ritme, change and some kind of continuity. Vratislav Novak Click here
serious Surrender. Being lost. The artist was humble enough to make a statue with these words. It became a strong one. Giles Penny Click here
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