Berlin Art@Site Keith Haring Untitled (The Boxers)

Keith Haring
Untitled (The Boxers)

They have been fighting here since 1998, in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Potsdamer Platz - or are they fighting at all? The almost five meters high 'Boxers' by Keith Haring (1958-1990) were created in Germany on 1987. The bright colours of the two gigantic figures - one bright red, the other blue - in their almost erotic embrace don't really exhude anything like aggression at all. This sculpture, an item from the Daimler Art Collection, is part of the 'Art in public Spaces' concept on and around Potsdamer Platz, as is 'Balloon Flower' by Jeff Koons. The piece is reminiscent of the famous, comicstrip-type stick figures by Haring, and represents the highlight of the artist's sculptural work.