94 pieces of artwork in Chicago

With thanks to multiple resources a great collection of art is found in Chicago.

A selection is made:
- in the case of multiple artworks of one artist,
- choosen is for artwork near the centre of the city,
- subjective choices are made because of a lack of expression, relevancy or information.

See the detailed pages for information about the resources (a website) and next- and previous-navigation.
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Abakanowicz Magdalena Agora 2006 Grant Park Click here
Azaz Henri Hands of Peace 1963 Chicago Loop Synagogue Click here
Dallin Cyrus Edwin A Signal of Peace 1890 Lincoln Park Click here
Davis Mark Healing Waters 2012 Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital Click here
Kapoor Anish Cloud Gate, The Bean 2006 Millennium Park, AT&T Plaza Click here
unkown Misty Fountain 2009 Mary Bartelme Park Click here
unkown Mural "Bronzeville" 2009 35-Bronzeville-IIT station Click here
unkown Zodiacs 1993 Chinatown Square Click here
Venet Bernar Six Indeterminate Lines 1993 Pioneer Court (temporary) Click here
Walker William Daydreaming and Man's Inhumanity to Man 1975 Calumet Ave Click here
Bertoia Harry The Sounding Sculpture 1975 Aon Center Plaza Click here
Burlini Joseph A. Reflections 1986 Aon Center Plaza Click here
Calder Alexander Flamingo 1973 Federal Plaza Click here
Carlson William Allele 1997 UIC Campus Click here
Chagall Marc Four Seasons 1974 Exelon Plaza Click here
Chavez Juan, Corinne Peterson Hopes and Dreams 1999 CTA Station Roosevelt Click here
Dubuffet Jean Monument With Standing Beast 1984 James R Thompson Center Plaza Click here
Ferrari Virginio Dialogo 1971 Albert Pick Hall Click here
Goltz Hubertus von der Crossing 1998 LaSalle Street Click here
Kemeys Edward Two Bisons 1893 Humboldt Park Click here
Kirk Dessa The Daphne Garden 1990 Northerly Island Click here
McCullough Ed Meridian VII 2002 Chicago Police HQ Building Click here
McMohan Mark Mural 1989 General Parking Corporation Click here
Mestrovic Ivan The Bowman and The Spearman 1928 Congress Plaza Gardens Click here
Milan Denise, Ary Perez America's Courtyard 1998 Adler Planetarium Click here
Nash David Three Forms for Chicago 2000 Museum Campus Click here
Nierman Leonardo Flame of the Millennium 2002 Gateway Green Project Click here
Ping Zhou, Yan Dong Mural "Chinese in America" 1993 Chinatown Square Click here
Strautmanis Edvins Phoenix 1968 Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park Click here
Sullivan Louis Chicago Stock Exchange 1894 Art Institute of Chicago, AIC Click here
Suvero Mark di Yes! For Lady Day 1969 Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park Click here
Taft Lorado Fountain of Time 1922 Washington Park Click here
Taft Lorado, Leonard Crunelle Heald Square Monument 1941 Heald Square Click here
Tasset Tony The Eye 2007 Pritzker Park Click here
Taylor Richard Epistrophy 2000 Washington Blvd Click here
unkown The Nine Dragon Wall 2004 Chinatown Click here
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Core- Loc Armoring Devices 2000 Du Sable Harbor Click here
Yarbrough Dan Sisyphus’ Aviary 1984 Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park Click here
Henry John Arris 1975 Cermak Rd., Indiana Ave Click here
Henry John Bridgeport 1984 Thompson Center Click here
Horn Milton Chicago Rising from the Lake 1954 Columbus Drive Bridge Click here
Hunt Richard Illinois River Landscape 1985 Thompson Center Click here
Hunt Richard Slabs of the Sunburnt West 1975 UIC Campus Click here
MacNeil Hermon Atkins Jaques Marquette Memorial 1926 Douglas Park Click here
Blome Erik Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable 2009 Pioneer Court Click here
Miró Joan Miro's Chicago 1963 Brunswick Building Plaza Click here
Moore Henry Large Interior Form 1983 Art Institute of Chicago, AIC Click here
Oldenburg Claes Batcolum 1977 Harold Washington Social Security Click here
Perez Solano Ignacio Head Number 8, Replica -900 Museum Campus Click here
Pevsner Antoine Construction in Space and in the Third and Fourth Dimensions 1959 Law School Click here
Picasso Pablo The Picasso 1967 Civic Center Plaza Click here
Plensa Jaume Crown Fountain 2004 Millennium Park Click here
Pratt Bela Lyon Nathan Hale 1935 Nathan Hale Court Click here
Saar Alison Monument to the Great Northern Migration 1996 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr Click here
Stella Frank The Town-Ho's Story 1993 Metcalfe Federal Building Click here
Tait Norman Totem Big Beaver 1982 Museum Campus Click here
Armitage Kenneth Diarchy 1957 Law School Click here
Borglum Gutzon General Philip H. Sheridan 1923 Lincoln Park Click here
Calder Alexander Universe 1934 Willis Tower Click here
French Daniel Chester Victory 1924 East Erie Street Click here
Gaudens Augustus Saint Sitting Lincoln 1908 North President's Court Click here
Graetz Gidon Composition in Stainless Steel #1 1985 Botanic Garden Click here
Hunt Richard Winged Form 1987 Aon Center Plaza Click here
Johnson Seward Forever Marilyn 2011 Pioneer Court (temporary) Click here
Kaneko Jun Dangos 2013 Millennium Parc (temporary) Click here
Karpowicz Terrence The Athlete 2005 East Bank Club Click here
Karpowicz Terrence Symbiotic Parralax 1997 University of Illinois Click here
Karpowicz Terrence Concurrence 1999 Illinois Institute of Technology Click here
LeWitt Sol Lines in Four Directions 1985 National Endowment for Art Click here
Machtl Franz Rosenberg Fountain 1893 Grant Park Click here
Monaghan Bryan Sorcerer 1978 Chicago Center Click here
Mooney John David Spiral Galaxy, A Work in Progress 1998 Adler Planetarium Click here
Moore Henry Man Enters the Cosmos 1980 Adler Planetarium Click here
Moore Henry Nuclear Energy 1967 Pile-1 Click here
Nevelson Louise Sky Sentinels 1976 Smart Musuem Click here
Pattison Abbott Chicago Totem 1960 Randolph Street Click here
Pomodoro Arnaldo Grande Disc 1976 Chicago Hospital Click here
Saarinen Eliel Alexander Hamilton Monument 1953 Lincoln Park Click here
Smith David Cubi VII 1963 Art Institute of Chicago, AIC Click here
Taft Lorado Fountain of the Great Lakes 1913 South Garden at the Art Institute of Chicago Click here
Thorvaldsen Bertel Nicolaus Copernicus 1911 Solidarity Drive, Museum Campus Click here
Weber Hugo Mies van der Rohe 1961 Illinois Institute of Technology Click here
Balkenhol Stephan Man with Fish 2001 Museum Campus Click here
Butterfield Deborah Cabin Creek 1989 Seneca Park Click here
Crunelle Leonard Victory Monument 1927 35th Street, King Drive Click here
Engelsman Franz Fritz Reuter 1893 Humboldt Park Click here
French Daniel Chester Bulls with Maiden 1898 Garfield Park Click here
Haggard Carolann Stone Arbor Fountain 1972 U.S. Equity Realty of Chicago Click here
Houdon Jean-Antoine George Washington 1788 Chicago City Hall Click here
Hunt Richard We Will 2005 Heritage Building Click here
Saint-Gaudens Augustus Abraham Lincoln Monument 1887 Lincoln Park Click here
Serra Richard Reading Cones 1990 Grant Park Click here
Strauss Arvid Christ of the Loop 1953 St. Peter's Church Click here
Sunderland Nita Ruins - III 2004 Chicago Riverwalk Click here
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