More artworks

The questions is why art in New Delhi is hard to find or even lacking. The presence of contemporary and filosofical artworks tells us that people in New Delhi is acknowledged with art.

Creative art would make New Delhi even more attractive

The use of special forms, materials, sizes and geastures in art would merit New Delhi. Specially art which expesses recognizable emotions would perhaps help to make more people enthusiastic about artwork.

Key-words of the projects in New Delhi: creative, modern, contemporain a.o.

5 pieces of art are chosen from Chicago, Milan, Paris and Shanghai.
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Special feature Description Location Information Image
with emotions This artwork evokes a sense of pitty and longing to comfort this woman. Paris Click here
modern Without special effects or special materials, this artwork makes a person come to live and make contact. Chicago Click here
with emotions This young woman feels like an proud army. Paris Click here
contemporain Art can be light, new and transparent. Milan Click here
with emotions This every day boy and woman are popular; many want to join them on a picture. Shanghai Click here
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