Ethnical art can make Florence even more beautiful

No sculptures where found which express an historical or crucial experience by a minority group. These art can merit Florence.

Society matters

Only 3% of the sculptures explicity direct to an occasion with great impact on politics, culture or others.

Minimal and conceptual art

Less sculptures can by classified as minimal (4%) or conceptual (10%) while on the average this is 16% or 41%.

Key-words of the projects in Florence: ethnical, society, minimal, conceptual, humourous, critical a.o.

18 pieces of art are chosen from Beijing, Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Milan, New York, Prague, San Francisco and Shanghai.
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Special feature Description Location Information Image
minimal A sculpture can be monumental and insubstantial and ready to move. New York Click here
minimal Like a child who is grabbed by his emotions, body, play and in the moment. Hong Kong Click here
society A sculpture that is reachable, close and feeling on a funny way. Beijing Click here
minimal Interior and design can communicate emotions like wellness, luxury, rain of gold. Los Angeles Click here
conceptual This artwork issues an confronting, fixed and massive topic. Do you know an issue like that? Hong Kong Click here
conceptual What are these silent persons telling us and each other? Milan Click here
society Are these cheap looking figures only looking or will they interfere? Milan Click here
humour No, this is not me ;-) Shanghai Click here
society Are these following figures a far away and abstract power or recognizeable for us? Beijing Click here
society History may seem abstract and can be powerfull. But there are always persons involved. Berlin Click here
humour How cheap to you like to have it? Hong Kong Click here
critical Modern technologie can come close and be the ground we are walking on. London Click here
conceptual We can make and control our world so it is fluent, interacting, light with content. San Francisco Click here
minimal War (even on a small scale) is confronting, unescapeable and total if we do nothing. Milan Click here
critical There is hope for peace, togetherness and respect. Milan Click here
conceptual Dancing, playing, flying as if gravity is out for a moment. Milan Click here
minimal A formal form with a sensitive skin with emotions inwards. Shanghai Click here
society This sculpture seems to listen, think and feel. New York Click here
ethnical A sculpture of a trending topic is dynamic and is made by new materials. Los Angeles Click here
humour Live is full of joy, humor and sometimes upside-down. Berlin Click here
ethnical The modern building is part of a building that expresses old religious feelings by a specific group. Shanghai Click here
society In many languages and cultures this figure is telling something. Prague Click here
ethnical This grand lady (with a strong identity) is sensitve and is touching us. Milan Click here
conceptual Two ways to express inability to exchange emotions. Shanghai Click here
society Art can issue great but temporary matters. London Click here
society Great monuments can be damaged but if their people stay in contact they still can be honourable. London Click here
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