Projects with an etnical theme

No statues are found that expresses an theme concerning an etnical (minority-) group, while this can be 9% in an other great citie. Many projects will focus on an important moment, a value or person of a etnical group.

More serious art

Like in all great cities there are a few sculpture with a serious message, but in Hong Kong this is only 11% in stead of 17% in general. Many statues have on unclear message (21%) or “just” reminiscent.

Less sculptures then in London

Only 90 sculptures are found while 193 sculpture in the public space are found in London (a city with an comparable size: circa 7 milion citizens).

Lack of information

It’s hard to find the details about the artist and the backgrounds of the artwork, just like it is in Beijing and Shanghai.

Key-words of the projects in city in Hong Kong: ethnical, serious, humourous, creative.

12 pieces of art are chosen from Berlin, Beijing, Milan, New York, Prague, San Francisco, Shanghai and Venice.
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Special feature Description Location Information Image
society Tell me who is more excited … (the man or the horse) Venice Click here
ethnical It seams that these man are saints and central. New York Click here
society This object expresses freedom, youthfulness and image. Milano Click here
society This art needs only hands and a mouth to express many meanings. Beijing Click here
serious Why would art not be clear and cheerful? Shanghai Click here
serious This artwork transforms an (destroyed) object of destruction to a starting point of a critical discussion. Prague Click here
society Just by showing a beautiful man and a strong women this artwork can help changing a society. Berlin Click here
creative Which associations comes into your mind? Berlin Click here
society This woman makes no secret of her lust and strength to stir. Berlin Click here
ethnical This girl is beautiful even with rags and straight hair. Berlin Click here
historical This man has strong forms and meanings. San Francisco Click here
humour This art is playing with natural forms and features. San Francisco Click here
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