Los Angeles

229 pieces of artwork in Los Angeles

With thanks to multiple resources a great collection of art is found in Los Angeles.

A selection is made:
- in the case of multiple artworks of one artist,
- choosen is for artwork near the centre of the city,
- subjective choices are made because of a lack of expression, relevancy or information.

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Ball Benjamin, Gaston Nogues Table Cloth 2010 Schoenberg Music Building Click here
Bon Lauren Not a Cornfield 2005 1370 North Broadway Click here
Borofsky Jonathan Molecule Man 1991 Federal Building. Roybal Building Click here
Cheng Carl Walk on L.A. 1988 Santa Monica Beach Click here
Greiman April Big Bowl of Rice Finished. Waiting for Giant Soy Sauce Packet 2005 Vermont at Wilshire Click here
Sook Jin Jo Wishing Bells To Protect and To Serve 2009 Parker Center Click here
Seiji Kunishima Stone Rise 1985 Union Bank Click here
Ley Rob Lumenscape 2009 Solair Building Click here
Lloyd Gary Tomahawk 1983 The Tomahawk Building Click here
Lopez Jose Hearts of Token 2009 Maravilla Station Click here
Plensa Jaume Endless V 2012 Santa Monica Blvd Click here
Rivkin Jay Tile Mural 1990 California Teachers Association Click here
Rubin Nancy Airplane Parts 2001 Museum of Contemporary Art Click here
Stone George untitled 1999 Vermont-Beverly Station Click here
Thater Diana Untitled 2007 The Colburn School Click here
Woodruff Dennis Automobile 1999 Melrose Avenue Starbucks Click here
Ahn Philip Korean Bell of Friendship 1976 3601 San Gaffey Street Click here
Barrett Bill LA Family Baroque 1992 Edison Headquarters Click here
Bartels Marlo Grand Hope Park Project 1994 Renaissance Tower Click here
Bartels Marlo Untitled 1994 Renaissance Tower Click here
bayer Herbert Double Ascension 1969 Bank of America building Click here
Bell Bill A Train 1996 Union Station Click here
Berlant Tony Yang Na 1988 Home Savings of America Click here
Braverman Kate Untitled (Poets Walk) 1993 Grand Hope Park Click here
Breaux J., B.J. Krivanek Vortex Plaza 2002 16027 Ventura Boulevard Click here
Brucelyn Rueben Eyes mural 1996 Glendale. Sunset Boulevard Click here
Calder Alexander Four Arches 1974 Hope Street Click here
Carlson Cynthia LA: City of Angels 1992 Union Station Click here
Carpenter Ed Renaissance Tower Lobby Window 1994 Renaissance Tower Click here
Chandler Outdoor Art Gallery North Hollywood Tribute 1991 Chandler Boulevard Click here
Dill Guy Untitled (Egalmah Series) 1983 South Park. 9th Street Click here
Dimitrov Slobodan The Longshore 2009 La Salle Lofts Click here
Gage Merill Hydroelectric Power 1930 Bunker Hill Towers Click here
Gage Robert Merrell Father Time 1935 Los Angeles Times Click here
Garrison Elizabeth Fifty-One Bees 1996 S. Wall Street Click here
Graves Nancy Sequi 1985 Wells Fargo Center Plaza Click here
Grimmer Mineko Companions 1995 Green Line Hawthorne Station Click here
Haines Richard Celebration of Our Homelan 1963 Parker Center Click here
Hamrol Lloyd Press 1999 Staples Arena Click here
Heizer Michael Nort. East. South. West 1981 Citigroup Center Click here
Helmick R. and others Mack and Jackie Robinson memorial 2002 Garfield Ave Click here
Hoberman Chuck Expanding Hypar 1997 California Science Center Click here
Isermann Jim Exterior Metro Customer Center 2006 5301 Wilshire Boulevard Click here
Jambazian Hakob Flying Angels  2004 Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral Click here
Kirkland Larry Aerial 2007 California Science Center Click here
Komar Vitaly, Alexander Melamid Unity 1993 US Bank Tower Click here
Kreis Henry Pioneer Memorial 1957 Fort Moore Click here
Krol Natalie Origami Horse 1984 Mitsui Manufacturers Bank Click here
Yayoi Kusama Hymn of Life. Tulips 2007 Rodeo Drive Click here
Lakich Lili L.A. Angel 1992 Hill Street Bridge. 4th Street Click here
Larios Dora de The Elements 1989 Bamboo Plaza Click here
Leicester Andrew Zanja Madre 1992 Figueroa Tower Click here
Lere Mark Untitled Four 1999 University of Southern California Click here
Liberman Alexander Sisyphus 1983 Rexford Drive Click here
Lobykin Oleg Saber Tooth Cat 2005 Park La Brea playground Click here
Manship Paul Howard Flight of Europe 1968 Sunset. Vine Click here
Matthews Kazuko Thousand Blossoms 1980 Honda Plaza Click here
McCarren Barbara Heyday 1994 Pershing Square Park Click here
McRight Blue Garland 1999 Staples Center Click here
Meyer Benjamin, Gaston Nogues To Protect and To Serve 1977 Central Police Station Click here
Middlebrook Willie Portrait of My People 1995 Green Line Avalon Station Click here
Moeller Christian Mojo 2008 Centre Street Lofts Click here
Moeller Christian Pushing 2009 W Hollywood Hotel Click here
Montano Ernesto Circular Motion 1994 300 W. Cesar Chavez Blvd Click here
Montes Roberto Gil de Heaven to Earth 1993 7th. Blue Line Click here
Mora Joseph Grauman's Million Dollar Theatre 1917 307 S. Broadway Click here
Mullican Matt Untitled 1993 Los Angeles Convention Center Click here
Nauman Bruce Trench. Shafts. Pit. Tunnel and Chambers 1982 Citigroup Center Click here
To Ree Nee His Breath. His Voice. Our Words 1990 Childcare Observation Click here
Noguchi Isamu To The Issei 1979 JACCC Click here
Oakes Baile Spiral of Life 1985 Rexford Drive Mini Park Click here
Obrien John 825 over 2 2007 825 North Kings Road Click here
Osumi Tony, others Home is Little Tokyo 2005 Central Ave. 1st Street Click here
Paz Manuel Frieze 1978 5801 Wilshire Click here
Petropoulos Renee Painting with Multiple Centers 1993 Central Library Click here
Pixie " Aboriginal mural 1998 Fashion District Click here
Pomodoro Arnold Colpo d ala 1988 First and Hopestreet Click here
Rauschenberg Robert Fargo Podium 1982 Citigroup Center Click here
Rothenberg Erika Road to Hollywood 2001 Highland Center Click here
Sant Tom van, Tony Sheets Gladys Waddingham 1972 Inglewood Public Library Click here
Schoonhoven Terry City Above 1991 Home Savings Building Click here
Sheets Tony Evolution of Printing 1988 Spring Street Parking Structure Click here
Sheets Tony The History of World Commerce 1972 World Trade Center Click here
Sawako Shintani Harmony 1985 Little Tokyo Plaza Click here
Shire Peter NoHo Gateway 2009 Lankershim Boulevard Click here
Smith Alex Map of the Pacific Rim 1993 Convention Center Click here
Smith Tony New Piece 1966 Beverly Hills Click here
Smith Tony Playground 3-3 1963 Beverly Gardens Park Click here
Sonnier Keith Motordom 2004 Caltrans 7 Click here
Staton Therman Into the Light 1992 Wilshire-. Mac Arthur Park Click here
Staton Therman Natural. Technological. Ethereal 1993 Central Library Click here
Steinkamp Jennifer x-Ray Eyes 1999 Staples Center Click here
Stella Frank Long Beach XXIII 1982 Citigroup Center Click here
Stewart Albert The Foundations of Law 1956 210 W Temple Street Click here
Sturman Eugene Homage to Cabrillo: Venetian Quadrant 1985 888 International Tower Click here
Suvero Mark di Pre-Natal Memories 1976 West 3rd Street Click here
Twitchell Kent Bride and Groom 1972 Victor Clothing Company Building Click here
Ulke Christian The Hall of Shadows 2007 NoHo Commons Click here
unkown artist Waterfalls in Summer Mountains 1968 Broadway Click here
Uyemura Nancy Harmony. Spiritual Journey 1996 Casa Heiwa Click here
Valadez John The First Artists in Southern California 2003 Memorial Park Station Click here
Walters Edgar Bas Relief 1988 Federal Reserve Bank Click here
Wareham William Rigger 1981 Administration Building Click here
Weber Sally Celestial Chance 1995 Green Line Long Beach Click here
Wet Design Water Court 1992 Hill Street Bridge. 4th Street Click here
Williams Pat Ward Starbursts 2001 Hollywood and Highland Center Click here
Williams Pat W. Gilbert W. Lindsay Memorial 1993 Convention Center Click here
Hitoshi Yoshida Flight of The Angel 1989 3rd Street Click here
Young Joseph Topographical Map of Water Sources 1962 Hall of Records Click here
Zahner and Gensler Police Memorial Wall 2009 Police Department Headquarters Click here
Shi Yan Zhang The Party at Lan-Ting 1990 Chinatown Click here
Zimmerman Elyn Lithos 1991 TCW Tower Click here
Abell William Wall Fountain 1991 Municipal Building Click here
Cronk Rip Venice Beach Chorus Line 2004 Ocean Front Boulevard Click here
Dill Laddie John, Mineo Mizuno Nature's Analogy 1993 Central Library. Maguire Gardens Click here
Fine Jud Spine 1993 Maguire Gardens Click here
Hamrol Lloyd Uptown Rocker 1986 4th Street. Grand Avenue Click here
Haring Keith AIDS Memorial 1989 Art Center College of Design Click here
Hayden Michael Holograph sculpture 1997 Bow. Truss Click here
Karlsen Anne Marie Blossoming 2011 29th Street Click here
Otterness Tom The New World 1991 Federal Building. Roybal Building Click here
Preminger Otto Hollywood Star Walk 1958 Hollywood Boulevard Click here
Walker J. Michael I Am My Own Rainbow 2002 Weingart Center for the Homeless Click here
Albuquerque Lita Site. Memory. Reflection 1993 CBD-Financial Core Click here
Nogues Studio  Ball Cradle 2012 Santa Monica Place Click here
Levrant de Bretteville Sheila Biddy Mason: Time and Place 1991 Biddy Mason Park Click here
Garten Cliff Sentient Beings 2009 Lankershim Boulevard Click here
Kalish Michael reALIze 2011 L.A. Live's Plaza Click here
Kohl Joyce Bamboo Synapse 2007 3435 Wilshire Boulevard Click here
Lachaise Gaston Standing Women 1932 University of California Click here
Levrant de Bretteville Sheila Biddy Mason:  Time and Place 1991 Biddy Mason Park Click here
Liberman Alexander Ulysses 1987 Hope Street. 4th Street Click here
Moss Eric Owen Gateway Art Towe 2008 Hayden Avenue Click here
Orr Eric L.A. Prime Matter 1991 Figueroa. Wilshire Str Click here
Quaintance Louis From Injustice to Redress 2006 Japantown Click here
Shelton Peter sixbeaststwomonkeys 2009 Police Department Click here
Suvero Mark di Shoshone 1981 Citigroup Center Click here
Shinkichi Tajiri Friendship Knot 1972 E 2nd Street. San Pedro Street Click here
Antonakos Stephen Neons for Pershing 1993 Square Station Click here
Appleton Steve Face Finder / Face Time 2006 Sunset. Vine Click here
Arnoldi Charles Home 1992 Beverly Hills Public Library Click here
Baker George Wind Sculpture 1983 Brea Avenue Click here
Benoff Miki Anthropomorphic Echoes 1984 University of California UCLA Click here
Borofsky Jonathan Hammering Man 1988 California Mart Click here
Boyce Roger Untitled 1990 Extra Space Storage Click here
Brailsford Robin Time and Presence 1993 Pico Station Click here
Brailsford Robin Las Memorias: The Wall 2004 Lincoln Park Click here
Bunn David A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place 1993 Central Library Click here
Burden Chris Urban Light 2000 Los Angeles County Museum of Art Click here
Cheng Carl Water Lens Tower 1992 Kaiser Mental Health Center Click here
Ambrosi Jasper D' Jacob's Ladder 1987 American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial Click here
Davis Michael Navis 1990 Pacific Place Click here
Dickson Charles Symbols of Unity - The Idea of Freedom 1992 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Click here
Dill Guy Passage 1987 Beverly Hills Click here
Doyle Tim Cutting Corners 2003 Wilshire Boulevard Click here
Dubuffet Jean Le Dandy 1973 Wells Fargo Center Court Click here
Electroland " Neon Art 2005 Met Lofts Click here
Fay Joe Tacinda Meadow Deer 1990 Crescent Drive Click here
Gold Betty Redwood Moonrise 1990 Ronald Reagan State Building Click here
Gonzales-Day Ken California Landscape 2007 8300 S. Vermont Avenue Click here
Graetz Gidon Mind. Body and Spirit 1986 401 S. Hope Street Click here
Graham Robert Dance Door 1978 Music Center Click here
Graham Robert Our Lady of the Angels 2002 Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Click here
Graham Robert Source Figure 1991 Upper Plaza. Hope Place Click here
Graham Robert Venice Torso 2007 Windward Circle Click here
Graham Robert Torso 2003 Rodeo Drive Click here
Hayden Michael Generators of the Cylinder 1981 Jewelry Center Click here
Hebald Milton Handstand 1986 YMCA. Hope Street Click here
Herms George Portals to Poetry 1992 Ernst and Young Plaza Click here
Hord Donal Justice 1956 Stanley Mosk Courthouse Click here
Howe Brad El Cartographo 2006 NoHo Gardens Click here
Invader " Space Invader 1999 Shane and Regar Building Click here
Isermann Jim I-Tile 2006 Ticino Click here
Kirk Jerome Aquarius 1969 Union Bank Plaza Click here
Michihiro Kosuge Towers of Peace. Prosperity and Hope 1989 Alright Garage Click here
Kozloff Joyce Gardens of Villandry and Chenonceaux 1989 Home Savings Tower Click here
Krivanek B. J., Joel Breaux In the Eye of the Storm 2002 Parker Center Click here
Liberman Alexander Phoenix 1974 Wildshire Boulevard Click here
Lipchitz Jacques Peace on Earth 1969 Music Center Click here
McCrae Alex The Conversation 1987 Roxbury Park Click here
McRight Blue, Warren Wagner Garden of Conversion 1996 Hope Street Terminus Click here
Millar Robert untitled 1999 Vermont-. Santa Monica Station Click here
Miro Joan La Caresse d un Oiseau 1967 Wells Fargo Center Court Click here
Nevelson Louise Night Sail 1985 Wells Fargo Center Click here
Okulick John Angels Beacon 1994 Port of Los Angeles Click here
Oldenburg Claes, Coosje van Bruggen Toppling Ladder with spilling Paint 1986 Loyola Law Schoo Click here
Oyler DwaYne, JennY Wu Density Fields 2007 1619 Silver Lake Boulevard Click here
Pizzull Cosimo Cone 1995 Bank of America Click here
Poethig Johanna Calle de la Eternidad 1992 Great Walls Unlimited Click here
Preston Anne Illumination 1993 Central Library Click here
Rosenthal Tony The Family Group 1955 150 N. Los Angeles Street Click here
Russell James Thomas Angelic Duet 1979 Junipero Serra Building Click here
Sant Tom van The Written Word 1972 Inglewood Public Library Click here
Shaprio Joel Untitled 1999 Sony Music Building Click here
Sheets Tony Issei No Yume. Issei Dream 1987 Central Ave Click here
Sheets Tony Los Angeles Evolves 1988 Broadway Spring Center Click here
Susumu Shingu Aurora 1987 Miyako Inn Click here
Shire Peter Man and Woman 1990 Lincoln Academy Click here
Stanley George Law Liberty Justice Freedom 1958 600 E. Broadway Click here
Sullivan Jack Sign of the Time 1999 473 E. Union Parking Click here
Sykes Eddy Yakuza Lou 2008 1619 Silver Lake Blvd Click here
Todd Michael Ten. Chi. Jin 1979 Japanese Village Plaza Click here
Tschetter Dean, Jay Tschetter Graduation Day 2006 Galen Center Click here
Tschetter Jay, Dean Brick murals 2006 USC Galen Center Click here
unkown artist Sun Yat-sen 1966 Central Plaza Chinatown Click here
unkown artist Memorial Bill of RightsMemorial 1991 City Hall Click here
Wain Valintine De Waterwall 1989 The Met Apartments Click here
White Pae Wind Thing 2009 Hollywood Hotel Click here
Young Joseph Triforium 1975 Los Angeles Mall Click here
Zammitt Erik Untitled 2011 Adams and Central Click here
Affleck Rafe Untitled 1975 Beverly Drive Click here
Alexander Peter Puddles 1995 CBD-Financial Core Click here
Allen Terry Corporate Head 1990 Ernst and Young Plaza Click here
Amescua Michael Chinatown Medallions 2011 Broadway. Hill Street. Spring Street Click here
Ballin Hugo Apotheosis of Power 1930 Bunker Hill Towers Click here
Levrant de Bretteville Sheila Remembering Old Little Tokyo 1996 First Street Click here
Caris Sheldon Untitled 1981 Promenade Plaza Click here
Daub Eugene Phineas Banning Memorial 2004 Juanita's Foods Phase I Click here
Dwyer Gary Angular Unconformity 1983 The Skyline Click here
Graham Robert Crocker Fountain Figures 1983 Wells Fargo Center Court Click here
Gray Colin Del Amo Wheel 1999 Del Amo Station Blue Line Click here
Grimmer Mineko CMC Medical Plaza Fountain 1989 Grand Avenue Click here
Hawkinson Tim Inverted Clocktower 1994 Hill Street Click here
Lobato Peter Silver Tower 1991 Brunswig Square Click here
Velazco Ramon G. Chiune Sempo Sugihara 2002 221 North Los Angeles Street Click here
West Karl Hollywood Gateway 1993 Hollywood Boulevard. La Brea Avenue Click here
Wright D. Yoshikawa Watercourse Way 2008 NoHo 14 Click here
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