No art represents a minority group

In Milan no art is expressing a mayor exprience in a minority group or is made by a member of this group. This kind of art will merit Milan.

More funny art will make Milan even nicer

Like in many great cities, there is a lack of humourous art (everage 4%, Milan 3%) or art with a filosofical theme (everage 6%, Milan 2%).

Key-words of the projects in Milan: ethnical, filosofical, humourous.

10 pieces of art are chosen from, Berlin, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai and Venice.
If you like to sort more then one column in the folowing table: shift-klick the next ones.

Special feature Description Location Information Image
filosofical An upside down war-machine can be very usefull. Venice Click here
filosofical This can be the result of giving milieu-issues more priority. Hong Kong Click here
humourous An artwork made by Leonardo da Vinci on helium. Berlin Click here
ethnical Your home-town can be big in imagination. Los Angeles Click here
filosofical This is what can happen when all languages become one in a person. Los Angeles Click here
ethnical It seems like this hometown is full of colours, structures, movement and odour. San Francisco Click here
humourous How transparent, gauze-like and light to you like to have it? San Francisco Click here
ethnical Religious art can be vulnerable, delicate, big and still in contact. Hong Kong Click here
humourous What would the sculpture become if it was made by a non-technical, non-future-orientated, no-male artist? Shanghai Click here
filosofical A strong statement with openess. Berlin Click here
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