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Roy Lichtenstein


Mural with Blue Brushstroke

AXA Equitable Center
Mural with Blue Brushstroke is a 1986 mural painting by Roy Lichtenstein that is located in the atrium of the Equitable Tower (now known as the AXA Center) inNew York City. The mural was the subject of the book Roy Lichtenstein: Mural With Blue Brushstroke. The mural includes highlights of Lichtenstein's earlier works.
Lichtenstein was commissioned to create a large public work in the Equitable Tower. He was offered the commission in 1984 and began design work that fall, but strategizing took some time after that.
Like his 1973–1974 Artist's Studio series works, such as Artist's Studio—Look Mickey, Mural with Blue Brushstroke copies or reworks many of his own work as well as a few works of other artists. Several objects in the mirror had previously been incorporated in Artist's Studio—Look Mickey: The door, part of a mirror and an entablature. The beach ball from Girl with Ball is held by Léger-like forms rather than the previous young woman, and the top part of the ball is now a sunrise for a landscape with randomly placed dots. A light blue"brushstroke" represents a waterfall. The combination of images result in a pastiche.