New York

240 pieces of artwork in New York

With thanks to multiple resources a great collection of art is found in New York.

A selection is made:
- in the case of multiple artworks of one artist,
- choosen is for artwork near the centre of the city,
- subjective choices are made because of a lack of expression, relevancy or information.

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Abakanowicz Magdalena Walking Figures 2009 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (temporary) Click here
Adamy George Month of June 1970 Water Street Click here
Alen William van Statue exterior 1930 Chrysler Building Click here
Aycock Alice Project for the 107th Police Precinct 1992 107th Precinct and Borough Command Center Click here
Berks Robert Mother Clara Hale Monument 1992 Hale House Click here
Betten Jordan Graffiti High Line Zoo 2012 High Line, 27th Street, Chelsea Click here
Beuys Joseph 7.000 Oaks 1996 22nd Street Click here
Biggers Sanford Lotus 2010 Eagle Academy for Young Men Click here
Bitter tang Burble Bup 2011 Governors Island (temporary) Click here
Blumenfeld Helaine Two Sides Of A Woman 1985 Fordham Law's Campus, Lincoln Center Click here
Bourgeois Louise Eyes 1995 Battery Park Click here
Bourgeois Louise Joséphine Spider 2011 Rockefeller Center (contemporary) Click here
Bradley Paige Expansion 2004 Fulton-Ferry State Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park Click here
Brandell Kim World Globe 2009 Trump International Hotel Click here
Henry Kirke Brown George Washington 1856 Union Square Park Click here
Cadet Branly Higher Ground; Adam Clayton Powell Jr. 2005 Adam Clayton Powell Blv Click here
Calder Alexander Le Guichet 1963 Lincoln Center Click here
Calder Alexander Saurien 1975 Madison Avenue, 57th Street Click here
Candussio Giulio Saetta Iridescente 2004 World Trade Center Path Train Station Click here
Carrère and Hastings Interior 1911 New York Public Library Click here
Clarebout Valerie Christmas Angels 1954 Rockefeller Center, Channel Gardens and Promenade Click here
Colen Dan Mural Design 2012 Details Guild Wall Click here
Collier Bryan Women's Health Community Mural Project 2003 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Plaza Click here
Cook Robert Dinoceras 1971 Park Avenue Click here
Jules-Félix Coutan Hercules, Minerva and Mercury 1914 Grand Central Station Click here
Cragg Tony Resonating Bodies, Lute 1996 Battery Park Click here
Creeft José de Margarita Delacorte Memorial 1959 Central Park Click here
Crovello William Curved Cube 1972 Time-Life Building Click here
Dali Salvador Dream of Venus 1939 Flushing Meadows, Queens Click here
Delsarte Louis Spirit of Harlem 2005 North Fork Bank Click here
Denes Agnes Wheatfield, A Confrontation 1982 Battery Park City Click here
Dilwort Molly Cool Water, Hot Island 2010 Time Square Click here
Doug and Mike Starn See it split, see it change 2008 South Ferry Station Click here
Douglas Emory What We Want, What We Believe 2009 Third Avenue, East 122nd Street Click here
Dubuffet Jean Group of Four Trees 1972 The Chase Manhattan Bank Plaza Click here
Escobar Marisol American Merchant Mariners’ Memorial 1991 Battery Park, Pier A Click here
Ferguson Max Oil Painting 1987 FDR Post Office Click here
Feuerman Carole A. Survival of Serena 2012 Petrosino Square (temporary) Click here
Spencer Finch The River That Flows Both Ways 2009 Chelsea Market Passage Click here
Gaudens Augustus Saint William Tecumseh Sherman 1892 Grand Army Plaza Click here
Gehry Frank Video projection 2009 IAC Building Click here
Gillen Ann Red Flying Group 1973 Franklin D. Roosevelt Post Office Click here
Gross Chaim Mother Playing 1961 Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus Click here
Haring Keith Altar Piece 1990 The Cathedral Church of Saint John Divine Click here
Haring Keith Crack is Wack 1986 128th Street, 2nd Avenue Click here
Haring Keith Mural 1986 Woodhull Hospital Click here
Haring Keith Untitled (Two Dancing Figures) 1989 State Street Click here
Hatcher L. Brower El Arbol de Esperanza 1995 Thomas Jefferson Park Click here
Hef & Rez Alphabet 2012 Williamsburg Click here
Hofmann Hans Untitled 1958 High School of Graphic Communication Arts Click here
Hunt Richard Howard Roosevelt Triangle 1976 Harlem Hybrid Click here
Anna Vaughn Hyatt José Julián Martí Pérez 1965 Central Park Click here
Karl Illava 10th Infantery Memorial 1927 Central Park Click here
Isamu Noguchi Red Cube 1968 Brothers Harriman, HSBC Click here
Jackson Roxanne Disenchanted Forest 2011 Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens (temporary) Click here
Jones Kristin, Andrew Ginzel Metronome 1999 Union Square Click here
JR J Inside Out, Lakota Project 2012 High Line, 30th Street Click here
Kobra Eduardo Graffiti mural 2012 West 25th Street, Chelsea Click here
Koons Jeff Balloon Dog 2014 Rockefeller Center (contemporary) Click here
Krasner Lee, Ronald Stein Mosaic Mural 1959 Uris Brothers Building Click here
Kubricht Charles Mary Alive-Nesses: Proposal for Adaption 2012 High Line, 30th Street Click here
Lennon Yoko Ono John Lennon Memorial, Strawberry Fields 1985 Central Park Click here
LeWitt Sol Wall Drawing Bands of Lines in Four Colors … 1984 AXA Center Click here
LeWitt Sol Whirls and Twirls (MTA) 2009 59th Street-Columbus Circle Station Click here
Lipchitz Jacques Bellerophon Taming Pegasus 1967 Charles H Revson Plaza, Columbia University Click here
Living The Hy-Fi 2015 MoMA PS1, Long Island City Click here
Lober Georg J Hans Christian Andersen 1956 Central Park Click here
Long Charles Pet Sounds 2012 Madison Square (temporary) Click here
Magonigle Harold Van Buren Maine Monument 1913 Central Park, Merchants Gate Click here
Manship Paul Maiden 1936 Rockefeller Center Plaza Click here
Manship Paul Nature 1961 Central Park, Lehman Gate Click here
Manship Paul Prometheus 1934 Rockefeller Center Plaza Click here
Marcus Mike Mannequin Wearing Gas Mask 2008 Soho, Chelsea Click here
McBean Thomas St Paul’s Chapel, interior 1766 Broadway Click here
Meadmore Clement Curl 1968 Business School, Columbia University Click here
Mehretu Julie Mural 2010 Goldman Sachs Building Click here
Modica Arturo Di Charging Bull 1989 Bowling Green Park Click here
Moore Henry Reclining Figure 1977 Lincoln Center, North Plaza Click here
Mori Mariko Wave UFO 2004 IBM Building Click here
Mötug Collective Monsters of the Unda-Ground 2012 Hope Street, Keap Street Click here
Murata Takeshi Melter 2 2003 Time Square Click here
Murray Elizabeth Blooming 1996 Subway Lexington Avenue Click here
Nebel Berthold Relief Panels 1917 Hispanic Society of America Click here
Neuhaus Max Times Square 1977 Time Square Click here
Noguchi Isamu Ceiling and Waterfall 1956 5th Avenue Click here
Noir Thierry Piece of Berlin Wall 1983 Piece of Berlin Wall Click here
Noir Thierry, Kiddy Citny Noir, East Side Gallery 1982 Section of the Berlin Wall Click here
Okonkwo Nnamdi Three Women Friends 2010 Marcus Garvey Park Click here
Otterness Tom The Real World 2007 Nelson Rockefeller Park, Battery Park City Click here
Owens Rachel Inveterate Composition for Clare 2012 Frist Center Click here
Perez Sergio Alexis How Do I See Myself? 2009 Creative Arts Workshops For Kids, Harlem Click here
Pivi Paola How I Roll 2012 Central Park (temporary) Click here
Plensa Jaume Echo 2011 Madison Square (temporary) Click here
Reutersward Karl Fredrik Non-Violence 1980 UN Headquarters Click here
Rhoads George Balls 1983 Port Authority Click here
Indiana Robert Love 1964 Avenue of the Americas Click here
Robots R Mural 2012 North 3rd, Bedford Click here
Rosenthal Tony 5 in 1 1969 Police Plaza and Municipal Building Click here
Roth Frederick George Richard Dancing Bear Statue 1937 Central Park Click here
Rubin Ben, Mark Hansen Moveable Type 2014 The New York Times Building Click here
Sanguino Luis The Immigrants 1973 Battery Place, Battery Park Click here
Nathan Sawaya Fortitude 1911 New York Public Library Click here
Schütte Thomas United Enemies 2013 Central Park Click here
Scott Walter Untermyer Fountain 1910 Conservatory Gardens, Central Park Click here
Segal George Gay Liberation Monument 1992 Christopher Park Click here
Serra Richard Tilted Arc 1981 Federal Plaza (removed) Click here
Smith Tony Throwback 1979 Avenue of the Americas Click here
Stanton Beau Cursum Perficio 2013 Mulberry Click here
Stebbins Emma Bethesda Fountain 1864 Central Park Click here
Stella Frank Damascus Gate II (Basra Gate II, Sinjerli I) 1970 Leed Certified Building Click here
Stern Jan Peter Windward 1961 Third Avenue, E 42nd Street Click here
Tarr William Rejected Skin 1969 Water Street Click here
Tobin Steve Trinity Root 2005 St. Paul's Chapel Click here
Turrell James Light Box, Plain Dress 2006 Fith Avenue Click here
Valdes Manolo Dama a Caballo V 2008 Park Avenue (temporary) Click here
Villareal Leo Buckyball 2012 Madison Square Park (temporary) Click here
Villareal Leo Volume 2013 Durst Corporation Building Click here
Weiss Stephen Apple 2004 Hudson River Park Click here
West Franz Recent Sculptures 2004 Lincoln Center (contemporary) Click here
West Franz The Ego and the Id 2008 Central Park Click here
Wolkoff Jerry 5 Pointz: The Institute of Higher Burnin 1990 Long Island City, Queens Click here
Woodward Robert Dandelion Fountain 1969 Burlington House Click here
Wyatt Greg Peace Fountain, St. John the Divine 1985 Cathedral Of St. John The Divine Click here
Yang Yuyu East West Gate 1973 Orient Overseas Building Click here
Acconci Vito Waterfall Out and In 2010 Newtown Creek Click here
Adams Mac New York Korean War Veterans Memorial, Universal Soldier 1991 Battery Park Click here
Adzema Robert Sundial 1994 Port Richmond High School Click here
Allison Elizabeth, John Balsamo a.o. Mask 2011 Van Cortlandnt Park Click here
Armajani Siah Lighthouse and Bridge 1996 St. Georges Ferry Terminal Click here
Arrechea Alexandre Met Life Clock Tower 2011 Flatiron Square Click here
Rodin Auguste The Thinker 1930 Philosophy Hall, Columbia University Click here
Bartholdi Frédéric August Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World) 1886 Liberty Island, New York Harbor, Manhattan Click here
Bissell George Edwin Chester Alan Arthur 1899 Madison Square Click here
Bitter Karl Pulitzer Fountain 1916 Grand Army Plaza Click here
Booth Edwin, Junius Brutus Booth William Shakespeare 1864 Central Park Click here
Botero Fernando Adam and Eve 1990 Time Warner Center Click here
Brown Henry Kirke Abraham Lincoln 1870 Union Square Click here
C215 C216 Woody Allen, stencil 2012 Roebling Street, Metropolitan Avenue Click here
Calatrava Santiago New York Times Capsule 2000 The American Museum of Natural History Click here
Carroll Rodney Stamen 1967 Churchill Building Click here
Catlett Elizabeth Invisible Man 2002 Riverside Park Click here
Chagall Marc Murals “The Triumph of Music” and “The Sources of Music” 1966 Lincoln Center Click here
Chemiakin Mihail Cybele 1993 Prince Street Click here
Cleopatra VII Philopator Obelisk -2000 Central Park Click here
Cramer Jonathan 111, A Shape Matrix Structure 2007 111 Central Park North Click here
Dine Jim Venus de Milo Sculptures 1989 Credit Lyonnais Building Click here
Dodge William Earl William Cullen Bryant 1885 Bryant Park Click here
Duncan John H. Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Arch 1892 Grand Army Plaza Click here
Eijnde H.A. van den Netherlands Monument 1926 Battery Park Click here
Eisner Carole Swizzle 2008 Columbia Presbyterian Hospital Click here
Estern Neil Fiorello La Guardia 1994 La Guardia Place Click here
Evans David carved decorative door 1931 City Bank-Farmers Trust Building Click here
Farmer , Brintley Matthew and Mark 1901 Trinity Church Click here
French Daniel Chester Alma Mater 1904 Columbia University Click here
French Daniel Chester The Four Continents, America 1907 Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House Click here
Gemeos Os, Futura Houston Mural 1987 21th Street Click here
Genger Orly Red, Yellow and Blue 2013 Madison Square (temporary) Click here
Gerasimov Yuri Vladimir Lenin 1982 Houston Street Click here
Graham Robert Juke Ellington 1997 110th Street, 5th Avenue Click here
Grausman Phillip Leucantha 1993 Pratt Institute Library Click here
Groot Albert De Cornelius Vanderbilt 1963 Grand Central Terminal Click here
Gross Chaim The Family 1992 Bleecker Playground Click here
Harak Rudolph de Helix 1969 Water Street Click here
Harde & Short exterior art deco 1909 Alwyn Court Click here
Harvey Julie Liberty Mural 2000 Louise Nevelson Plaza Click here
Hebald Milton Romeo and Juliet 1977 Delacorte Theater, Cental Park Click here
Herter Ernst Lorelei Fountain 1893 Joyce Kilmer Park Click here
Bruce High Quality Foundation The New Colossus 2013 Lever House Click here
Damien Hirst Virgin Mother 2006 Lever House Click here
Ho T.C. Lin Zexu 1997 Kimlau Square, Chinatown Click here
Horvay John Louis Kossuth 1928 Riverside Park Click here
Huntington Anna Hyatt Equestrian Lincoln (Lincoln the Itinerant Lawyer) 1961 Columbia University, School of Journalism Click here
Huntington Anna Vaughn Hyatt Joan of Arc 1915 Riverside Park, 93rd Street Click here
Janniot Alfred Friendship of France and United States 1934 Rockefeller Center Click here
Jencks Penelope Eleanor Roosevelt 1996 Riverside Park Click here
Jennewein Carl Paul Doors of British Empire Building 1933 Rockefeller Center Click here
Johnson Gregory Interior 1930 Empire State Building Click here
Johnson Peter, Wes Willard a.o. Totem Pole 1964 Bronx Zoo Click here
Kapoor Anish Sky Mirror 2006 Rockefeller Center (temporary) Click here
Kaws Kaws Passing Through 2011 Standard Hotel Click here
Kean Thomas H. Liberation (Holocaust memorial) 1985 Liberty State Park, Jersey City Click here
Koenig Fritz The Sphere 1968 Word Trade Centre, Battery Park Click here
Koons Jeff Balloon Flower Red 2007 7 World Trade Center Click here
Koren Gabriel Frederick Douglass 2003 Frederick Douglass Circle Click here
Kunstler Sarah The Unisphere 1965 Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Click here
Lawrie Lee Wisdom 1930 Rockefeller Center Click here
Lichtenstein Roy Mural with Blue Brushstroke 1986 AXA Equitable Center Click here
Lima Jose Otavia Correia Jose Bonifacio de Andrada  1955 Bryant Park Click here
Lober Georg John George M. Cohan 1958 Times Square Click here
MacMonnies Frederick Stanford White 1890 City Hall Park Click here
MacNeil Hermon A. Washington Arch 1892 Washington Square Park Click here
Maginnis Charles, John Angel Tekakwitha, one of the bronze doors 1949 St. Patrick’s Cathedral Click here
Manca Albino East Coast Memorial 1963 Battery Park Click here
Mangin Joseph-François Statue of Justice 1917 New York City Hall Click here
Marantz Irving Triad 1969 Park Avenue Click here
Martiny Philip Doughboy 1921 Abingdon Square Click here
Meière Hildreth song medallion 1932 Radio City Music Hall Click here
Metzler Henry Frederick Atlas 1853 Tiffany & Co. Click here
Miro Joan Moonbird 1949 Solow Building Click here
Moore Henry Standing Figure: Knife Edge 1961 Solow Building Click here
Moroles Jesus Bautista Lapstrake 1987 Museum of Modern Art Click here
Murakami Takashi Oval Buddha 1999 Garden Plaza, IBM Building Click here
Nevelson Louise Shadows and Flags 1977 Louise Nevelson Plaza Click here
Obey Obey Obama, progress, wheatpaste 2012 North 6th bet. Wythe and Kent Click here
Oldenburg Claes, Coosje van Bruggen Typewriter Eraser, Scale X 1999 IBM Building Click here
Pace Lorenzo Triumph Of The Human Spirit 2000 Foley Square Click here
Patel Kantilal B. Mohandas Gandhi 1986 Union Square Click here
Pentagram Architectural Services Needle and Button 1995 Fashion Kiosk, Seventh Avenue Click here
Picasso Pablo Bust of Sylvette 1934 Silver Towers Click here
Pomodoro Arnaldo Sphere within a sphere 1996 UN Headquartes Click here
Pomodoro Arnaldo Exterior Cross 2008 St. Peter Lutheran Church Click here
Quinn Edmond Thomas Edwin Booth as Hamlet 1916 Gramercy Park Click here
Rodriguez Jorge Luis Growth 1985 Harlem Art Park Click here
Rogers Randolph William H. Seward 1876 Union Square Click here
Rosenthal Tony Alamo 1967 Astor Place Click here
Roszak Theodore Sentinel 1968 Bellevue Hospital Center Click here
Roth Frederick Loeb Memorial Fountain 1865 Central Park Click here
Russo  Gaetano Christopher Columbus 1892 Columbus Circle Click here
Saar Alison Swing Low: Harriet Tubman Memorial 2008 St. Nicholas Avenue, Frederick Douglass Boulevard Click here
Sachs Tom Wind-Up Hello Kitty 2008 Lever House Square Click here
Sailstorfer Michael Tornado 2011 Doris C. Freedman Plaza Click here
Segal George The Commuters, Next Departure 1980 Port Authority Bus Terminal Click here
Shapiro Joel Untitled 1990 Warren Street Click here
Shawzin Stella Soaring Figure 2008 Fordham University, Lincoln Center campus Click here
Shih Liu Confucius 1972 Confucius Plaza Click here
Sisko Paul The Balanced Cylinders 1984 Polytechnic Institute Click here
Solá Antonio Miguel Cervantes 1986 New York University. Click here
Stain Chris, Billy Mode Mural, Cre8tive YouTH*ink 1978 Boerum Hill building Click here
Suvero Mark di Joie de Vivre 1998 Zuccotti Park Click here
Tsereteli Zurab To the Struggle Against World Terrorism 2006 Bayonne Click here
Valdés Manolo Regina II 2005 Broadway, 103rd Street Click here
Vari Sophia La-Haut Rien ne Bouge; The above, nothing moves 1989 Hilton New York Hotel & Towers Click here
Verkade R. Kees Tight Rope Walker 1979 Revson Plaza Bridge Click here
Ward John Quincy Adams George Washington 1882 Federal Hall, Customs House, Treasury Building Click here
Ward John Quincy Adams Roscoe Conkling 1893 Madison Square Click here
Ward John Quincy Adams Horace Greeley 1890 City Hall Park Click here
Weinman Adolph Alexander Civic Fame 1913 Manhattan Municipal Building Click here
Whitney Gertrude Vanderbilt Peter Stuyvesant 1936 Stuyvesant Square Click here
Vuchetich Yevgeny Viktorovich Let Us Beat Swords into Plowshares 1957 United Nations Click here
Yoshitomo Nara White Ghost 2010 Asia Society (contemporary) Click here
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