Ethnical artwork can reflect the Parisian culture

The culture of foreign (minority) groups has always been an important influence in the Parisian and French culture. This would better expressed by introducing more ethnical art.

Critical and filosofical art will enhance relevancy

No explicit critical artwork is found and only 3% of the artwork expresse clearly a filosofical theme. Filosophy and criticism is important in the French culture and they deserve to be given more attention by the use of artwork.

More contemporary and revelatory art will make Paris even richer

The counterpart of using reminiscent and figurative art is the lack of experiment, overstep bounderies and thereby a lack of levelatory art. Inviting more international (now only 15% while 24% is the average in the great cities) artists and contemporary will make Paris even richer.

Key-words of the projects in : etnical, critical, revelatory.

12 pieces of art are chosen from Beijing, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Milan and Shanghai.
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Special feature Description Location Information Image
This simple intervention makes the history communicate modern issues. Yanpei Cai Click here
Art can may playful and make childern familair with complex symbols. Jeremy Deller Click here
This artwork makes use of big effects without losing meaning. Gino de Dominicis Click here
Maybe this artwork feels antique in a few years and than it's interesting because of that. Rob Ley Click here
This artwork is repellent and will not become hackneyed after seeing it more often. Paul McCarthy Click here
Who is the real artist: the sculptor, elephant or trainer? Fabien Merelle Click here
Does this beautiful structure has a mysterious way of telling something like: there is more than black and white? Mimmo Paladino Click here
Is this artwork a loose way of joking or a serious way of talking about vulnerability? Nancy Rubin Click here
Why isn't architecture more often sweet, cuddy and natural? Gaetano Pesce Click here
To me this is horrorble allegation of compagnies who attack our natural resources. unkown Click here
Is this artwork telling something positiv of negativ about me, our society or our species? Jianguo Sui Click here
I recognize the size nowadays ... ;-) But sorry, I often miss the reflection in our modern times." unkown Click here
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