More ethnic, romantique and humourous art will merit Prague.

Striking is that no ethnic art is found: art with a (actual or historical) theme important for a minority of the community. The backside of a great number of serious art is poor representation of romantique and humourous art. The title of Milan Kundera comes into my mind: The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Key-words of the projects in Prague: ethnical, romantique, humourous.

18 pieces of art are chosen from Berlin, San Francisco, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Milan, New York, Shanghai and Venice.
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Special feature Discription Location Information Image
Amusing This artwork gives a sence of luxury, closeness and lightness. Milan Click here
Ethnic This artwork made by a local artist strengthen the identiy and intentions of a social group. New York Click here
Ethnic This artwork communicates values of the specific social group. San Francisco Click here
Amusing In a space where people are confronted with sickness and need to wait, this artwork is about moving. New York Click here
Romantique Beauty is quet and tender. Berlin Click here
Ethnic It's a joy to accept people with different colors and ages. San Francisco Click here
Ethnic Art can be used to strenghen the identity of a category of people of a nation. San Francisco Click here
Amusing This reminiscent artwork has a serious message. Berlin Click here
Amusing The joy, softness and togetherness radiates from this artwork. Venice Click here
Amusing The light, the lightness and richness radiates from this artwork. Los Angeles Click here
Ethnic This artwork makes it easy to identify because of the strong pose and figure. Hong Kong Click here
Romantique This artwork upholds the identity and positive feeling. Berlin Click here
Ethnic This artwork expresses a sence of meaning shared in a social group. San Francisco Click here
Amusing This reminiscent artwork expresses a critical vision on the society. London Click here
Amusing In a small space enclosed by constructions this artwork gives space and light. Los Angeles Click here
Amusing Reflections in all kinds seems to make a few colorfull objects play around. London Click here
Ethnic Without any reservation this person is deep meditation and expresses itself. Berlin Click here
Amusing This huge construction seems have no gravity nor restrain. Shanghai Click here
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