San Francisco

294 pieces of artwork in San Francisco

With thanks to multiple resources a great collection of art is found in San Francisco.

A selection is made:
- in the case of multiple artworks of one artist,
- choosen is for artwork near the centre of the city,
- subjective choices are made because of a lack of expression, relevancy or information.

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Schütz Günter Befreiung 1986 Schönhauser Allee 116A Klick hier
Aguilera Eduardo Labyrinth 2004 Labyrinth Lands End Click here
Ai Weiwei Western Screech Owl Habitats 1989 Presidio Habitats Click here
Alavi Seyed Speaking Stones 2000 Richmond Recreation Center Click here
Albro Maxine WPA Murals 1930 Coit Tower, Telegraph Hill Click here
Alden Jeremy Cirrus 2011 Fort Mason Click here
Alicia Juana The New World Tree 1988 19th, Linda Street Click here
Anderson Sharon Slow Down, Children at Play 2006 Tehama Street Click here
Arneson Robert Eggheads 1992 Market Street Click here
Asawa Ruth Aurora 1986 Bayside Plaza Click here
Asawa Ruth Hyatt on Union Square Fountain 1973 Hyatt Hotel Click here
Asawa Ruth Origami Fountains 1974 Nihomachi Pedestrian Mall Click here
Asawa Ruth San Francisco Yesterday and Today 1984 Parc 55 Hotel porte-cochere Click here
Balka Miroslaw Heal 2009 UCSF Campus Click here
Ball Benjamin Linking Hand Veil 2012 Teen Center Soma Click here
Banksy and Chor Boogie Composite Mural 1990 161 Erie Street Click here
Banksy Mural 2010 8th Street Click here
Barneclo Brian Station Mural Townsend CalTrain 2011 Townsend Click here
Barnes Carroll Transverse and Column 1977 Balboa Park, Bart Station Click here
Becker Philippe - Design Resolve Conflict With Song 2010 Presidio Habitat - American Robin Click here
Bergman Miranda and Tem Drescher Injury to One is an Injury to All 1985 Mission Street, Steurt Street Click here
Berry Roger Tau 1984 160 Spear Street Click here
Blackstone Amy Fence 2005 The Mission Kid Power Park Click here
Blackstone Amy Fire, Air, Earth and Water 2004 Helen Willis Park Click here
Blakeley Ellen Books and Reading 2000 Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Click here
Blakely Richard The Coast Miwok 2007 350 16th Street Click here
Bongers Jaap Fire 1993 24100 Hoffman Street Click here
Bourgeois Louise Crouching Spider 1999 Pier 14 Click here
Bowler Patti Dragon Relief 1969 Broadway Tunnel Click here
Brown Joan The Dancing Musicians and The Dancer 1986 Grove Street, Gough Streets Click here
Bufano Beniamino Saint Francis 1935 2501 Sutter Street Click here
Bury Pol L’Octagon 1990 353 Sansome Street Click here
Caron Mona The Duboce Bikeway Mural 1998 Castro, Duboce Avenue, Nob Hill Click here
Carpenter Ed Arches 1975 150 California Street, 6th Floor Terrace Click here
Cesewski Paul The Composting Contraption 2011 Market Street Blooms Opening Click here
Chamberlain Ann Abraham Lincoln Brigade 2008 Justin Herman Plaza Click here
Davis Michael, Susan Schwartzenberg American Dream 1980 50 Scott Street Click here
Deacon Richard Not Out of The Woods Yet 2003 First Street, Foundry Square Click here
Deutsch Richard Frammenti 2008 631 Folsom Street Click here
Dine Jim Big Heart on The Rock 1974 Sydney Grant Walton Click here
Dray History in Murals 2010 Polk Street Click here
Eine Ben Great Adventure 2011 Octavia Street, Page Street Click here
Eyes Precita Gigantes 1989 San Carlos Street Click here
Eyes Precita Soul Journey 2000 1625 Carroll Street Click here
Fancher Brooke Tuzuri Watu 1987 3rd, Palou Street Click here
Finch Mob and REBAR, Christopher Guillard Panhandle Bandshell 2007 Panhandle Park Click here
Fuller McChesney Mary, Robert McChesney Untitled 1984 Portmouth Square, Tot Park Click here
Gadeken Charles Aurora (temporary) 2005 Palo Alto Click here
Galves Daniel Carnaval on 24th 1983 3195 24th Street Click here
Goggin Brian Defenestration 1997 6th Street, Howard Street Click here
Goodacre Glenna Puddle Jumpers 1989 535 Washington Street Click here
Gutmann William Two Columns with Wedge 1879 Embarcadero Center Click here
Haring Keith Untitled, Three Dancing Figures 1989 Moscone Center Click here
Hass Robert, Paul Kos Poetry Sculpture Garden 2007 Fremont Street, SOMA Click here
Hollander Keith Joyous Discoveries; Books, Music 2001 1946 Market Street Click here
Howard Mildred GEDC Family Housing 1985 125 Mason Street Click here
Huan Zhang Three Heads Six Arms 2010 Civic Center Plaza, 1 Polk Street Click here
Huckaby Santie The Blues Evolution 2010 Post Street, Steiner Street Click here
Huntington Anna Joan of Arc 1910 Palace of the Legion of Honor Click here
Jensen Architects Ten Solitary Chairs, Patience 2010 Anza Avenue Click here
Choi Choi Breathing Flower 2012 Larkin Street Click here
Kahn Ned Cloud Portal 2011 100 Washington Street Click here
Kahn Ned Firefly 2012 525 Golden Gate Avenue Click here
Kahn Ned Hidden Sea 2000 321 Clementina Street Click here
Kaneko Jun Heads (temporary) 2012 301 Van Ness Avenue Click here
Unkown Unkown Revelation, Martin Luther King Memorial 1993 Yerba Buena Center Gardens Click here
Krawcyzk Jon Three Structures 2010 303 2nd Street Click here
Labaudt Lucien, Arthur Brown Murals 1937 Lands End, Beach Chalet Click here
Lampo Leong Tectonic Melange 2000 Woh Hei Yuen Park Click here
Lipton Seymour Pacific Bird 1961 551 Battery Street Click here
Listen to This Wall Listen to this wall 2012 Haight Street, Schrader Street Click here
Luebtow John Waterwall 2007 100 First Street Click here
Marashlian Terry Ode to Hank 2008 San Francisco State University Click here
Mar Darryl Mural Chinatown 1999 Stockton Street Click here
Rose Henri Marie Untitled 1969 530 Sansome Street Click here
Marini Marino Bronze Horse 1939 Maritime Plaza Click here
Marsh George Turner Japanese Zen Garden 1894 Japanese Tea Garden Click here
Martinez Jet Flores del Tehuan-derloin 2010 StreetSmARTS Click here
McLaren John, Jack Neville Chinese Cemetery 1972 Lincoln Park Golf Course Click here
Metzeger Miles Sea Lion Statue 1991 Pier 39 Click here
Miller James Rupert Interieur in Mayan Style 1930 450 Sutter Click here
Miller-Kusz Betsie Time After Time 2005 157 Collingwood Street Click here
Unkown Unkown Mural Renaissance, Monadnock Building 1920 685 Market Street Click here
Moore Henry Large Four Piece Reclining Figure 1973 Van Ness Street Click here
Naganuma Tony Kaz Sensu Fan 1968 Webster Street Click here
Masayuki Nagare The Bankers Heart, Trancendence 1998 A.P. Giannini Plaza Click here
Nobuho Nobuho Liberty Ship 2009 Islais Creek Click here
Mitsui Mitsui, Ishi Katsu Kanrin Maru Monument 1960 Lands End Click here
Shinshichi Shinshichi The Drum Bridge 1894 Japanes Tea Garden Click here
Nash David Stream of Vessels 1997 Museum Row Click here
Norris Josef Mission Wall Dances 2002 Gartland Apartments Click here
Oldenburg Claes, Coosje van Bruggen Cupids Span 1992 Rincon Park Click here
Overhoff Jacques Fountain, for the UN Charter 1965 Hinckley Walk Click here
Ozan Pepe The Dreamer (temporary) 2007 Golden Gate Park Click here
Perez-Wong Marina, Micho P. Wong Street SmARTS Mural 2010 485 Scott Street Click here
Perry Charles O. Eclipse 1973 Embarcadero Center Click here
Pijoan Irene Victoria Manalo Draves Park 2006 SOMA Click here
Plant Barbara, Gary Mathews Mural Gardening Experience 1982 1150 Carroll Avenue Click here
Poethig Johanna Dragonflies 2003 Tutubi Plaza Click here
Poethig Johanna Labyrinth-Habitat 1999 8th, Natoma Street Click here
Poethig Johanna Rochambeau Playground 2004 25th Avenue, California Street Click here
Porte Bruce Robert Louis Stevenson 1897 Portsmouth Square Click here
Price Gary Journeys of the Imagination 2007 San Bruno City Hall Click here
Puccinelli Raimondo Buffalo 1936 San Francisco General Hospital Click here
Refregier Anton Murals 1940 Rincon Center Click here
Reyes Victor Mural 1975 1420 Harrison Street Click here
Rickey George Eccentric Variation IV 1977 Sydney Walton Park Click here
Rigo Potrero Hill - Cars and Birds 1997 16th Street, Bryant Street Click here
Roberts Kent Passage 2010 Bay Street, Laguna Street Click here
Saltos Elizabeth Diagonal Relief 1973 1298 Girard Street Click here
Huckaby Santie Blues Revolution Part II 1997 Hamilton Pool Click here
Schweigardt Frederick W. Joseph B. Strauss 1902 Golden Gate Bridge Click here
Segal George Holocaust Memorial 1984 4th Avenue Click here
Shine Mike Harvest Moon 2005 Frank Norris Street Click here
Silva Lou, Ed Monroe Theater Mural 1977 O Farrell Street, Polk Street Click here
Sizemore Lillian, Laurel True Mission Creek Mosaic Mural 1999 Avenida del Rio Bike Path and Greenbelt Click here
Smith Shawn Doppel Fountain 2006 Mission Bay Click here
Stackpole Ralph WPA Murals 1930 Coit Tower, Telegraph Hill Click here
Limits of Horizon Jan Peter Stern 1968 Maritime Plaza Click here
Stevens Mark Artifact From a Coal Mine 2007 Third, Townsend Street Click here
Stutz Michael Pneumatic Dreamer 2000 W Hotel, Howard Street Click here
Suvero Mark di Pax Jerusalem 1924 Lincoln Park, Legion of Honor Click here
Tadolina Adamo Simon Bolivar 1984 Civic Center Click here
Tedrick Bryan Pacific Breath 2012 Sunset Playground Click here
Tolerton David Fountain 1959 One Bush Plaza Click here
Vaillancourt Armand Vaillancourt Fountain 1971 Embarcadero Center Click here
VeeV Design The Eel, Eliciting Ethereal Light by 2005 Fort Mason Click here
Vogt Andy Architecturalized (temporary) 2011 SF Museum of Craft and Design Click here
Voulkos Peter Hiro II 1971 151 3rd Steet Click here
Walburg Gerald Stiff Loops 1974 SF General Hospital Click here
Wareham William Red Fish 2006 Third Street Click here
Wareham William Wyoming Coup 1972 SFCC Ocean Avenue Campus Click here
Washington Horace Bayview 1994 Hunters Point Muni Stop Click here
Weber Bill Mural 1975 Broadway, Grant, Columbus Street Click here
Weinberg Elbert Mistral 1972 Embarcadero Center Click here
Woodward Robert Peacock Fountain 1961 1 Maritime Plaza Click here
Young Benjy Muybridge Live, Umbrellas 2008 17th, Florida Street Click here
Youth With a Mission, Golden Gate YMCA, Hamilton Family Center Pieces of San Francisco 1995 569 Ellis Street Click here
Zaballa Victor Mario Windmills 2010 Visitacion Valley Community Center Click here
Zakheim Bernard WPA Murals 1930 Coit Tower, Telegraph Hill Click here
Zegri Joanna, Yana Mural 1967 Haight Street, Cole Street Click here
Ziegler Zio Mural 1998 870 Harrison Street Click here
Zimmerman Elyn Waterfall Walls 1991 514 Market Street Click here
Aitken Robert I. George Dewey Monument 1903 Union Square Click here
Allen Terry Shaking Man 1993 Yerba Buena Gardens Click here
Amazarasti No Hotoke 1790 Japanese Tea Garden Click here
Anderson Lois Mosaic at Douglass Playground 1987 26th Street Click here
Arcega Michael Public Post 2004 Valencia Street Click here
Arman Armand Pierre Fernandez Hermes and Dionysus-Monument 1986 411 Sansome Street Click here
Arnoldi Charles Core 1970 101 2nd Street Click here
Atkin John Hard Bop 2008 The Fillmore Center Click here
Baerer Heinrich Beethoven 1915 Golden Gate Park Click here
Barr Roger Skygate 1985 Pier 39 Concourse Click here
Beasley Bruce Gaurdian 1992 600 California Street Click here
Behrends William Juan Marichal 2005 AT&T Park Click here
Beldner Ray Playland Structures, Laughing Sal 1996 Musee Mecanique Click here
Bell Larry Summer 24 2004 101 Second Street Click here
Benton Fletcher Folded Circle Split b 1984 201 Spear Street Click here
Best David The Hayes Green Temple (temporary) 2006 Patricias Green Click here
Blackstone Amy Gate 2006 The Mission Kid Power Park Click here
Bleifeld Stanley The Lone Sailor 1986 Dana Bowers Vista Point Click here
Borofsky Jonathan Human Structures 2008 555 Mission Street Click here
Brown Joan Obelisk 1987 Rincon Center Click here
Brown Joan Obelisk 1987 343 Sansome Street Click here
Brown Joan Pine Tree Obelisk 1987 Sydney Grant Walton Click here
Brunner Castanis Muriel Ghost Figures 1982 580 California Street Click here
Bufano Beniaminio Sun Yat Sen 1938 St Marys Square Click here
Calder Stirling Star Maiden 1915 1 Sansome Street, POPOS Click here
Campos Laura No One is Illegal 2010 24th Street Click here
Caron Mona Market Street Railway Mural 1920 300 Church Street Click here
Chapman Jenny and Mark Reigelman Manifest Destiny 2011 Bush Street, Union Square Click here
Man Lin Choi Movement, The First 100 Years 1983 Susan Bierman Park Click here
Christian Michael Flock 2006 Civic Center Plaza (temporary) Click here
Colbertaldo Vittorio Di Columbus 1957 Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower Click here
Connor Gerome Robert Emmet 1916 Music Concourse Click here
Coullaut Federico Carlos II King of Spain 1976 7-99 Harding Road Click here
Kitsch Critical Raygun Gothic Rocketship, temporary 2010 Pier 14 Click here
Crutcher Colette, Aileen Barr Mosaics 2005 Golden Gate Heights Click here
Cummings M. Earl Heroes Redwood Grove 1928 Golden Gate Park Click here
Cusolito Karen The Dandelion (temporary) 2012 UN Plaza, Burning Man Click here
Delaney Topher Globe 2008 299 2nd Street Click here
Demetrios Aristides Caring 1965 San Francisco State University Click here
Demetrios Aristides Ingleside 1973 SFCC, Sentinels Click here
Deutsch Richard Hulls 2008 500 A. Terry Francois Boulevard Click here
Deutsch Richard Time Signature 2008 Foundry Square Click here
Dine Jim Venus with Rope 1986 Convention Plaza Click here
Doty Ernest Rainbow Warrior 2010 1061 Market Street Click here
Dubuffet Jean La Chiffonniere 1978 Embarcadero Center Click here
Dupont Alfred Du Pont Exterior Apartements 2000 1360 Montgomery Street Click here
Dykes Dan Totem Phoenix 1988 Stevenson Street, 2nd Street Click here
Earl Cummings Melvin Earl Robert Burns 1907 Golden Gate Park Click here
Edstrom David Florence Nightingale 1937 Laguna Honda Hosptial Statue Click here
Escobar Marisol Portrait of Georgia O'Keeffe 1982 Sidney Walter Park Click here
Exploratorium Wind Arrows 1975 Fort Mason Click here
Fitzgerald C.J. Mural 1942 NBC Radio City Building Click here
Unkown Unkown Ben Franklin 1879 Washington Square Click here
Frye Finley Stan, The Submerging Man (temporary) 2007 Victoria Manalo Draves Park Click here
Fuller Mary Earth Air Sea 1986 2801 Great Highway Click here
Garza Alex, Carlos Valenzuela Tonalmachiotl, the Aztec Calendar 2010 1125 Valencia Click here
Geefs Willem, Guiliaume Geefs Roman Gladiator 1881 Golden Gate Park Click here
Ginnever Charles Les Funambules 1991 Museum Row Click here
Goldsworthy Andy Spire 2008 Arguello Gate Click here
Goldsworthy Andy Wood Line 2010 Presidio Click here
Grafly Charles Pioneer Woman and Children 1915 Golden Gate Park Click here
Grant Josie Bok Sen 8 Immortals 1979 711 Pacific Street Click here
Green Susan R. Bending Over Backwards 2010 Hoff Street, 16th Street Click here
Hadzi Dimitri Creazione, The Hunt Variation 1988 1100 Lake Merced Boulevard Click here
Happersberger F.H. Pioneer Monument 1894 150 Larkin Street Click here
Happersberger Frank James Garfield 1885 Golden Gate Park Click here
Unkown Unkown Resting Hermes 1915 Powell Street, California Street Click here
Hollis Doug Rain Column 1988 Rincon Annex Post Office Click here
Howard Robert B. Power and Light 1948 8th Street, Mission Street Click here
Ingersoll Aithken Robert Hall McAllister 1904 McAllister Street Click here
Ingersoll Aithken Robert William McKinely 1904 Panhandle, Golden Gate Park Click here
Johanson Patricia Endangered Garden 1987 Candlestick Park Click here
Johnson Amana Time to Dream 2008 Joseph P. Lee Recreation Center Click here
Kapoor Anish Making the World Man 1995 235 2nd Street Click here
King Jill Electrified Earth 2008 Folsom Street Click here
Kleeck Anne van Blocks 1971 Embarcadero Center Click here
Klussman Friedel The Cable Car Lady 2011 Polk Street, Hemlock Street Click here
Koenig Fritz Untitled 1998 Embarcadero Center Click here
Lere Mark Art at One 1992 Market Street Click here
L. Randy Torn Constitution, Honoring San Francisco Vets 2011 Shannon Alley Click here
MacMurtrie Chico Urge 1992 Yerba Buena Gardens Click here
Mann Dan Das, Karen Cusolito Ecstasy (temporary) 2008 Patricias Green Click here
Martin Brian Solstice 2008 Fort Mason Click here
Martinez Julian Juan Bautista de Anza 1967 Lake Merced Click here
Mascherini Marcello Woman in Bronze 1959 One Bush Plaza Click here
Matas Jonathan Shapes and Letters 2010 780 Valencia Click here
Mayer Richard Gary Diptych 1 1980 Hastings Law School Click here
Miller James Rupert, Timothy Pflueger Interior 1925 The Bell Telephone Building Click here
Moore Henry Standing Figure Knife Edged 1961 1 Maritime Plaza Click here
Mora Jo Miguel Cervantes Memorial 1916 Golden Gate Park Click here
Nobuho Nobuho and Anita Margrill Muni Metro Blueprints 1985 Pier 80 Click here
Neri Manuel Escalieta 1 1985 49 Stevenson Street Click here
Nevelson Louise Sky Tree 1977 Embarcadero Center Click here
Noble Lawrence Alan Yoda 2005 1 Letterman Drive Click here
Noble Lawrence Eadweard Muybridge 2000 1 Letterman Drive Click here
Noble Lawrence Philo T. Farnsworth 2000 1 Letterman Drive Click here
Noguchi Isamu Rain Mountain 1982 50 Third Street Click here
Norris Josef Dancing in the Curve of the World 2003 Gough, Grove Street Click here
Ohtake Moto Aero 8 2012 27th Avenue Click here
Olaguibel Juan F. Miguel Hidalgo 1810 Mission Dolores Park Click here
Overhoff Jaques Up Tight 1 1977 SFCC, Ocean Avenue Click here
Ozan Pepe Eagle-Warrior 2004 Bayshore Boulevard, Cesar Chavez Street Click here
Paley Albert Volute 1998 199 New Montgomery Click here
Parhad Fred Ashurbanipal 1982 San Francisco City Hall Click here
Patigian Haig Abraham Lincoln 1926 Civic Center Click here
Paunov Paunov Mahatma Gandhi 2010 Embarcadero Click here
Perry Charles Icosaspirale 1967 1 Maritime Plaza Click here
Poething Johanna Intertwined, Love Dignity Justice 2010 149 Mason Street Studios Click here
Porta Giacomo Della, Taddeo Landini Fountain of the Turtles (copy) 1583 Huntington Park, Nob Hill Click here
Quaintance Louis, Eugene Dau Landmarks Japantown 2005 Post Street Click here
Raudenbush Kate Futures Past (temporary) 2012 Patricias Green Click here
Rebar Art Consortium, Matthew Passmore Sprouting 2008 Leland Avenue, Bayshore Boulevard Click here
Reitschel Ernest Friedrick August Goethe-Schiller Monument 1850 Golden Gate Park, Concourse Click here
Rickey George Annular Eclipse V 2000 560 Mission Street Click here
Rickey George Double L Excentric Gyratory 1982 Civic Center Click here
Roberts Kent Three Bridges 1992 600 California Street Click here
Ross Wendy Phillip Burton 1985 Marina Green Click here
Rozsa Olga Gloria Victis Szobor 1956 Building Udvaran Click here
Saulls Vicki Locus 2005 Lombard Street, Mason Street Click here
Saunders Raymond Mixed-media painting 2005 St. Regis Hotel Mission Street Click here
Schifrin Peter Skyward 2004 Academy of Art College Click here
Schnell Jovi Evolves Luminous Flora 2011 Tutubi Plaza Soma Click here
Schnier Jacques Dance of the Cubes 1975 San Francisco General Hospital Click here
Schoffer Nicholas Chronos XIV 1975 Embarcadero Center Click here
Serra Richard Ballast 2005 Mission Bay Click here
Shapiro Joel Untitled 1996 Foundry Square Click here
Shepp Alan Maori Column 1985 Ducca Restaurant Courtyard Click here
Fish Fish Hilda Shum 1995 San Francisco General Hospital Click here
Po Shu Wang Ghinlon, Transcope 2005 Octavia Boulevard Click here
Smith Anthony J. Untitled 1986 Boeddecker Park Click here
Solano Ignacio Perez El Rey, San Lorenzo 1 2004 SFCC, Frida Kahlo Garden Click here
Sowers Charles Windswept Installation 2012 Randall Museum Click here
Stackpole Ralph Agriculture, Pacific Stock Exchange Building 1930 301 Pine Street Click here
Staebler Stephen de Angel 2000 720 Market Street Click here
Staebler Stephen de Man With Flame 2001 Convention Plaza Click here
Staebler Stephen de Torso With Arm Raised II 1987 475 Sacramento Street Click here
Stahly Francois Four Seasons 1962 Sydney Grant Walton Click here
Story William W. Francis Scott Key 1887 Golden Gate Park Click here
Suvero Mark di Sea Change 1995 Willie Mays Plaza Click here
Taalman Koch Architecture Owl Dome 1990 Anza Avenue Click here
Tilden Douglas Admission Day Monument 1897 Market, Post, Montgomery Street Click here
Tilden Douglas Apple Cider Press 1892 Golden Gate Park Click here
Tilden Douglas California Volunteers Memorial 1906 Market Street Click here
Tilden Douglas Father Junipero Serra 1906 Golden Gate Park Click here
Unkown Unkown Plaques 1975 The San Francisco Bay Trail Click here
True Laura Sun Spheres 2008 1344 Ocean Avenue Click here
Volz Herman Mosaics 1937 San Francisco City College Click here
Voulkos Peter Hall of Justice 1971 7th, Bryant Street Click here
Wareham William Buckeye and the Benches 1982 SFSU Lakeside Click here
Washington Horace Western Addition 1987 Northern Police Station Click here
Weiner Lawrence Brought To Light 2009 Mission Bay Click here
Whitaker Lymon Kinetic Sculpture 2012 Dolores Park Click here
Al Wong Bay Markers Clouds 1994 Fire Station, Powell Street Click here
Wong Walter Qi Lun 2008 Little Saigon Click here
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