Musea with art in Shanghai

In Shanghai there are many musea with fine arts, design, fotography, antics, pictures, ethnical art, worldhistory, history of Shanghai and much more.

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Museum Artist Location
Minsheng Art Museum Yangjiang Group' 570 Huaihai Xi Lu Click here
Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center Cultural Revolution 868 Hua Shan Shan Road Click here
Rockbund Art Museum Chen Zhen 20 Huqiu Lu Click here
Shanghai Museum Han Dynasty 188 Wu Sheng Lu Click here
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center Ling Benli 100 Renmin Avenue Click here
Shanghai History Museum Wedding sedan chair Lujiazui Lu 2 Click here
Moca Yayaoi Kusama 231 Nanjing Dong Lu Click here
Shanghai Art Palace Huang Yongping 161 Shangnan Road Click here
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