Greater diversity of art

A great number of the art (75%) in Tel Aviv is modern; is made in a style which was populair between let’s say 1960 and 1980. Other styles like the comtemporary style, the romantique style could make the cultural live in Tel Aviv even richer.


No specific art is found with the focus on a minority group. This art could give more focus on the rich diversity of cultural live, which is present in Tel Aviv.


In general, humourous art in great cities is rare (only 5% in general). In Tel Aviv 68% of the art is amusing but no art is found with a cleary humourous twist.

International artists

Ony a few cities (like Hong Kong: 23%, New York: 22%, London: 20%, Paris: 15%) have a big collection af art made by international famed artists. Tel Aviv is shared by cities like Berlin and Los Angeles with circa 13% of the art made by famous artists.

Key-words of the projects in Tel Aviv: contemporary, romantic and etnical a.o.

Five pieces of art are chosen from Amsterdam, Florence, London, Los Angeles and New York.
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Special feature Description Location Information Image
romantic Totally under a stylisch control: this female rider and her horse. Amsterdam Click here
ethnical You would not say that this could be art made by a minority group: beautiful children with their mother. Florence Click here
contemporary This statue represents not a classical beauty and thereby it's strong: beautiful, mystic, strong. New York Click here
contemporary This man is still going strong even though his force is in our memory. Los Angeles Click here
contemporary Feel the present time. Evoced on a simple way: just using two colors of light. London Click here
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