Galleries with artwork in Venice.

A small selection is made of all the galleries in Venice.

If you like to sort more then one column in the folowing table: shift-klick the next ones.

Gallery Artist Location
Barovier Dale Chihuly Salizada S. Samuele Click here
Art Gallery Bugno Francesco Stefanini Campo San Fantin Click here
Capricorno Michela Crisostomi San Marco 1994 Click here
Leone Krzysztof Skorczewski F ta Sant' Eufemia Click here
Arte Daniele Lucchetta Fabio Bianco Campo S. M. del Giglio Click here
Luce Arte moderna Vasarely Campiello della Fenice Click here
Arte Moderna Ravagnan Andrea Vizzini Piazza San Marco Click here
Berengo Collection Silvio Vigliaturo Calle larga San Marco Click here
Arte Moderna Contini Enrico Ghinato Calle dello Spezier 2765 Click here
Naviglio Venezia Capogrossi San Marco 1652 Click here
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