More explicit art will merit Venice

Most of the art is reminicent, amusing and pretty (90%) but this means that a few artworks are critical or explicit. ArtAtSite choose artwork which explicity reflect on different opinions in the society.

Projects with minimal and conceptual art

The downside of many great artworks is a lack of modern and contemporary art and with that minimal, humourous and conceptual art.

No ethnical art was found

Artwork is suggested with a focus on important issues, experiences or the identity of a minority group.

Art with a small scale is selected

These art is chosen because of the lack of space (narrow streets, few parks) in Venice.

Key-words of the projects in Venice: etnical, minimal, explicit, conceptual, humourous, critical and contemporary a.o.

22 pieces of art are chosen from Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London, Milan, New York and San Francisco.
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Special feature Description Location Information Image
ethnical In one line there is unity between just a few people near the street. New York Click here
ethnical With a few basic instruments the street becomes a place of light, color, dance and fun. London Click here
minimal The identity of an anciënt people is expressed with modern technics and abstract forms. Hong Kong Click here
explicit The monument is strong because of the use of natural colors and a simple and strong form that follows the lines of the city. Amsterdam Click here
conceptual Streetart using tastefull pleasant gradients of color. New York Click here
minimal Unique because of mixing precious materials for common forms. London Click here
critical This artwork is telling a message because of your interpretation of the message that's told by the artwork. Hong Kong Click here
minimal Art that let's the nature to do the job. San Francisco Click here
ethnical This artist can change the whole street in an exiting social happening. Hong Kong Click here
ethnical A modern media is telling the story of an old strong culture. Hong Kong Click here
minimal This artwork is strong, formal and self-consious. New York Click here
contemporary Formless figures prove being sensitive and communicative. New York Click here
contemporary This is only a still … New York Click here
conceptual This art needs and uses only the street. New York Click here
critical A small difference in this image and the actual one is given all the priority instead of the content of the message. Amsterdam Click here
ethnical Without doubt this simple act seizes deep in a culture with strong entlasting impact. Hong Kong Click here
ethnical Without any consession the identity of a minority group is expressesed by the use of traditional elements. San Francisco Click here
conceptual Always fresh, shining and new. London Click here
contemporary Contemporary art using only anciënt archetypical elements. Milan Click here
contemporary This new and contemporary artwork is just as formal as the environment. Milan Click here
humourous This street is a fertile ground for parking meters … San Francisco Click here
humourous A sweet woman with a body inviting for a hug. Hong Kong Click here
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