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Amsterdam - Platanenweg – Netherlands - made by Binho (Brasil).
Urban Art EFX Amsterdam 2012 - Mural painting by Binho (BR).
The exhibition titled "from urban to contemporary" showcases an eclectic selection of current works of key players of the urban art movement. It highlights a snap-shot of their current artistic development as well as the story behind an up-and-coming artist generation, whose roots lay in the Graffiti and Street-art culture.
The featured artists matured their work into the international art and gallery scene, continuously advancing their artistic expression, techniques, orientation and professionalism. They have evolved beyond their street-art roots, emancipating their picture language from sub-cultural ties of their early years into an own representative and unique style.
More infos and locations of the murals: Urban Stylistix presents the international exhibition URBAN ART EFX Amsterdam from June 21st to July 15th.
For the second time 15 Dutch and international artists exhibit artwork on canvas, sculptures, installations, photography and video art at CBK Amsterdam.
Participating Artists Binho (Brazil) – Besok (Netherlands) – Bonzai (United Kingdom) – Ceet (Hong Kong) – Graphic Surgery (Netherlands) - Hendrik ECB Beykirch (Germany) – Juice (Netherlands) – Kid: GHE (Mexico) – Morcky (Netherlands) – Morten Andersen (Denmark) – Mr. Wany (Italy) – Rosa Menkman (Netherlands) – Ruediger Glatz (Germany) – Toast / Ata Bozaci (Switzerland) – Wayne Horse (Netherlands).