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Jeroen Henneman


Het Wiel

Belastingkantoor, A10
Black at daytime, white at night. It seems like a drawing, but it is an image. Jeroen Henneman himself calls it a ' standing drawing '. A drawing that has been put upright. The carrier of the performance is not paper, but air.
,, it's really been an invention ', says Henneman and he remember exactly how it came. He made the wóórd sculpture of iron wire and put that on before. Then he saw that the word image volume got, once a line was interrupted. The brain of the beholder fill that missing part, as lying behind, to. With this technique made a portrait of the Queen and Henneman ' a desk lamp ' on the municipal offices in Zwolle. ,, I'm draughtsman, painter and objects Creator, and I think this invention is the result of a kind of cross-pollination. '
The dial on top of the roof of the building by the tax office to the A 10 in Amsterdam-West is nine feet tall. How can such a huge monstrosity so rarefied, almost floating, seem to stand for? You see nowhere a plaatsingspin or supporting Pier. The secret lies in a parapet by five feet. Behind them comes the construction which the whole wheel on one point in the building anchors. There is even a machine behind the protective wall, which can run inside the image as a whole to maintain and clean. In some places the building had to be modified to move permanently to a wheel. What wind power is concerned, the building is in zone a. the placement of the Lamp on the building in Zwolle, zone B, fell thereby a lot cheaper from.
but why actually a wheel on a building of the tax? That's like this: the wheel is actually a coin. And that as the image through it to give the largest optical effect. Or, so says Henneman itself:,, it's just a beautiful thing. '
just before the sculpture was installed on the roof in 1996, het Parool spoke with Hailey. Three quotes: We call it '
' image ' the wheel ', but it is a currency with an axle through it. And the axis where the money about, for payment of the tax; an idea of a tax official."
' ' it had to be there a year ago, but in the meantime switched the building by owner and who also wanted to have a say. And then the Commission look into it, then Prosperity Construction and housing. And who said immediately: ' that's going to forget '. The zoning plan in that neighborhood gives Office buildings as upper limit of 85 metres, and the tax office is exactly 85 metres high. There it could so no artwork on top of. First there are you laughing about it, but before you know it you're in a sea of misery. Did you know that in Amsterdam one Alderman is about images on buildings and another on images to buildings? The city suffers from fragmentation of power. Amsterdam is a hesitant city.
''The architect originally wanted a larger work of art, but the building is a pedestal for work and I have a megalomaniac streak, but this went too far me. It's actually a work of art for the motorist, who already see at great distances."