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Beijing International Sculpture Park
Beijing International Sculpture Park is located west of the Chang’an Street in Shijingshan district with a planning area of 162 hectares. It is a national level sculpture art park. After two years construction, it is now the largest sculpture park in Beijing and becomes a great part of human Beijing. It was first opened in September 2002. It is a great piece of work in the construction of Beijing in the new century. The park specializes in collection and display of sculptures from home and abroad. It is a park comprehensively integrated the appreciation of sculptural art, the research of sculpture, leisure and tourism together. Now it has more than 180 pieces of sculptural works from more than 40 countries and regions. Tourists can enjoy not only the beautiful environment of the park, but also the elegant sculptural art works. The park is gradually becoming an internationalized high-standard sculpture park and a new landmark of Beijing.
hijingshan District is one of the six uraban districts under the administration of Beijing. As an international traveler first time visiting Beijing, you would rarely think of visiting this unknown district on the west edge of Beijing city proper. Shijingshan District is not a place rich in historical sites or natural landscapes. But if you are interested in arts and sculpture, Shijingshan is worth visiting, mainly due to the unique Beijing International Sculpture Park in the district. It is a multi-function park focused on arts appreciation, research, travel and entertainment. The natural landscape and man-made arts and sculpture are perfectly merged here in the park. Located in the downtown of Shijingshan District, Beijing International Sculpture Park is composed of two theme parts – East Urban Zone, West Rural Zone with the middle art gallery bridging the area from the urban to the rural. There are over 200 sculptures from over 40 countries, dotted in the park create a paradise for people seeking the mixture of arts and natural beauty. In the middle of the park, there is a Yulan Magnolia Garden planted with hundreds of Yulan Magnolia trees of 9 species, a highlight during the spring time when all the Yulan Magnolia trees are in full bloom. Now follow us into the arts and sculpture park with lots of photos to show you the charm of the unique park in Shijingshan Beijing. How to get there: Yulan Magnolia Garden at Beijing International Sculpture Park Entrance Fee: RMB 5 p/p, Tel: 010-68650422. Add: No. 2, Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing, How to arrive there: by Subway Line 1 to the Southwestern Exit of Yuquanlu Station.