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Black Sculpture

Parkview Green
The Parkview Green in Beijing has much contemporary art on display not only inside but outside as well. I will share one or three examples depending on how you count them by artist Gianni Dessi (Italy, born 1955). Dessi titled the set created in 2015 Three For You. Individually, they are titled Red Sculpture, Black Sculpture, and Yellow Sculpture. In addition to brief information about the artist and the pieces, a poem is provided. I will share it below in all caps since that it is how it is displayed.
Three for you
Three from me to speak of you
For them who see
Make connections and draw
For them who listen
From within and without
Who breathe and blow
Reigniting the world.
His sculpture, Three For You, comprising human heads in bright colors, is very popular. A larger version of the piece, much taller than a person of average height, is displayed outside Wong's mall.
Dessi says the three heads represent his portraits. The colors, red, black and yellow, show his way of expressing his feelings about the world.
Gianni: ‘It's a coincidence that there is a red head and another one with a ping pong ball. The elements of red color and ping pong ball are kind of Chinese style," says Dessi, who has visited China to display his works earlier.’
Before his first visit to China in 2013, Dessi was interested in Chinese characters. For him, a Chinese character offers many image possibilities.