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Memories of Jiang’nan

Park Hyatt Hotel
The airy lobby of the Park Hyatt Beijing hotel is up on the 63rd floor, so stepping off the elevator you feel like you’re up in the clouds. The lobby features an 8 foot tall bronze sculpture of a woman flautist dressed in traditional Chinese clothing. The sculpture, named “Memories of Jiang’nan”, welcomes guests with the imaginary melody of music and the soft lapping of water. There is a comfortable seating area with floor to ceiling window views, and small water ponds are positioned around. Waiting to check in, I almost snickered as I watched a man accidentally step into one of the shallow ponds, but politely looked away instead. I’m sure there was a staff member discreetly waiting nearby with a cloth.
The towering Park Hyatt Beijing is a modern wonder of angled interiors, endless hallways and giddying views. Restaurants, stores and entertainment make it almost a self-contained city.