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Stone Drum Park

Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Museum
Don't forget to head outside the museum and check out the War of Resistance Square and 'Stone Drum Park' sculpture memorial garden, both located directly in front of the museum. Opened on July 7, 2003, the square and garden spans a combined total area of over 85,000 square metres. It is in here that you will find 38 bronze sculpture pillars towering at 4.3 metres high. As well, a lion standing in the centre is meant to 'symbolise the awakening of the Chinese people'. The neatly groomed garden also features a variety of Chinese pines and other plant species alongside strategically scattered stone boulder drum replicas inscribed with calligraphy.
The sunken central square is made of granite bricks with beautiful patterns, and the granite bricks were brought here from the main battlefield of China Anti-Japanese War. The Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Monument is 15 meters high, 8 meters wide and 6.6 meters thick. The monument is made of granite bricks and bronze sculpture of wreckage of invader’s weapons, symbolizing the victory of justice. The sculpture area covers 22,500 square meters, where is placed in thirty-eight cylindrical bronze sculptures. Each of the sculptures has diameter of 2 meters, height of 4.3 meters and weight of 6 tons. The sculptures show Chinese people's indomitable national spirit and dauntless heroism.
The Museum of the War of Chinese People's Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (simplified Chinese: 中国人民抗日战争纪念馆; traditional Chinese: 中國人民抗日戰爭紀念館; pinyin: zhōng guó rén mín kàng rì zhàn zhēng jì niàn guǎn) is a museum and memorial hall in Beijing. It is the most comprehensive museum in China about the Sino-Japanese War.