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Beijing International Sculpture Park
Shijingshan District is one of the six uraban districts under the administration of Beijing. As an international traveler first time visiting Beijing, you would rarely think of visiting this unknown district on the west edge of Beijing city proper. Shijingshan District is not a place rich in historical sites or natural landscapes.
But if you are interested in arts and sculpture, Shijingshan is worth visiting, mainly due to the unique Beijing International Sculpture Park in the district. It is a multi-function park focused on arts appreciation, research, travel and entertainment. The natural landscape and man-made arts and sculpture are perfectly merged here in the park.
There are over 200 sculptures from over 40 countries, dotted in the park create a paradise for people seeking the mixture of arts and natural beauty. In the middle of the park, there is a Yulan Magnolia Garden planted with hundreds of Yulan Magnolia trees of 9 species, a highlight during the spring time when all the Yulan Magnolia trees are in full bloom.

The Beijing International Sculpture Park gives space to the WTCF.
WTCF is the first city-based international tourism organization in the world. Guided by the vision of Better City Life through Tourism, it is committed to facilitating exchanges and cooperations between members and promoting sustainable growth in the tourism sector. WTCF aims to increase the appeal of tourism cities as international destinations, enhance the quality and efficiency of their services, boost the brand images of tourism cities and promote balanced economic and social progress in tourism cities and regions."