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Terrence Karpowicz


The Athlete

East Bank Club
Among Terrence Karpowicz’s rich and diverse oeuvre of work are his lesser known figurative sculptures and its spin-off the 'Athlete Series.' Human figure have always been a subject for sculpture, and have always inspired artists, even though the style and techniques have been constantly changing.
Karpowicz figures are made from industrial materials, like pipes and tubes. He configures them into different shapes to form various movements – sprinting, skating, striking, bowing, fishing, dancing, tango.. or just a leap of faith.
Karpowicz figures show movement, energy and grace! His Athlete series sculptures like 'Let’s Go', 'Leap of Faith', and 'Finish' are delightfully inspiring, whereas some of his other figurative sculptures are playfully comical, like figure with arms raised over head!