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Terrence Karpowicz



Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago-based sculptor Terrence Karpowicz (born 1948) has stated that he creates works 'with actual or implied kinetic relationships among the elements and between the sculpture and its environment.'
Concurrence was one of the works featured in the 1999 'Pier Walk,' an annual event showcasing large-scale works of art, some of which may be destined for permanent homes in public or private collections.
Karpowicz, one of the organizers of the event, explained to the Chicago Tribune that artists are so passionate about showing their works that 'if there’s any way an artist can find to come up with cash, they’ll do it,' and he cited one example of an artist who worked in a quarry in upstate New York, trading his labor for stone. A group of Illinois Institute of Technology professors, administrators and students chose Concurrence as their selection for their campus on the near south side and it now sits near the entrance to the library.