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Leonardo Nierman


Flame of the Millennium

Gateway Green Project
What is common to all of his works is the lively and uplifting spirit that inhabits his forms and the vibrancy of the material as it moves skyward.
Artist Leonardo Nierman lives in Mexico City and works in a variety of media including paint, stained glass and tapestry, but most of his large scale outdoor works are stainless steel, as is the Flame. His education in physics and mathematics and his study of the psychology of color and music have helped to shape his artistic style.
Located on Historic National Road (U.S. 40) on the campus of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 5500 Wabash Avenue.
As a symbol of hope and change, CGG hopes to continue the International Sculpture program in other areas of the city where we can make a lasting impact. The area of the highway now takes on some meaning as drivers can contemplate the flame surrounded by flowers.
This generous donation by our sponsor Alper Services stands 25 feet tall and weighs a full 7 tons. As you pass the southbound interior of the Ohio Interchange of the Kennedy Expressway you will see this shiny fire looking figure. In an area what was once simply bare grass we have been able to create an artistic vision for the passing roads into and out of the city.