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Tony Tasset


The Eye

Pritzker Park
Through this gigantic, blue eyeball, Tasset creates tension as the sculpture stares—larger than life—across the landscape and back at the viewer. Modeled after Tasset’s own eye, the never- blinking, constantly conscious piece watches over Laumeier day and night. The human eye is simultaneously unique, individual and emblematic; by focusing on a key part of the body, Tasset speaks to a commonality among us, addressing how we engage and perceive each other while concurrently asserting a prophetic, perhaps even omniscient, presence.
Tony Tasset is an American multimedia artist. His works consists mainly of video, bronze, wax, sculpture, photography, film, and taxidermy. He has exhibitions that can be seen in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Germany, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Ecuador, and London.