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National Gallery of Modern Art
A banyan tree made of stainless steel, with buckets for leaves, is the newest addition to the lawns of the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) in New Delhi. At the twilight hour, it catches the fading rays of the winter sun. From afar it looks as though snowflakes have gathered on its branches.
Seduced by the illusion, people walk in, pause before it with interest, break into smiles. Some pose for photographs. A little boy makes faces at his own reflection and bursts into peals of laughter as it distorts beyond recognition.
Only the birds stay away, unwilling to suspend disbelief.
Subodh Gupta looks visibly pleased by the attention his work is getting. It is the end of December, almost a month away from a show at the NGMA, probably the most ambitious one of his career so far, but the public’s eye has been arrested already. 'I call this work Dada,' he tells me, 'Meaning grandfather, dadaji.' Though the pun, he adds for good measure, is very much intended.
The most stunning work from Everything Is Inside, however, stands outside the gallery - the winter sun bounces off a banyan tree made of polished, hyper-reflective steel on the lawn and the installation, with its branches curving into roots with clusters of steel utensils swaying in the breeze, has a distinct mythological quality to it.

MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst:
Raumgreifende Installationen aus Edelstahlgeschirr, Früchte aus Bronze, goldene Fahrräder und Lunchboxen zeigt der indische Künstler Subodh Gupta (*1964) in seiner bislang umfassendsten Ausstellung in Europa „Everything is Inside'. Für seine Installationen verwendet er profane Alltagsgegenstände, die schichtenübergreifend die Lebenswirklichkeit der Stadt- wie Landbevölkerung Indiens miteinander verbinden. Kulturell festgeschriebene Bedeutungszuschreibungen stellt Gupta auf den Kopf und stellt grundlegende Wertesysteme in Frage.
In seinen Arbeiten spiegelt sich eine zeitgenössische Idee von Indien wider: eine Gesellschaft, für die traditionelle Wertvorstellungen, Spiritualität und der religiöse Glaube genauso bedeutend sind, wie ein konsequenter Modernisierungswille und die damit verbundenen Transformationsprozesse in jeglichen Lebensbereichen.
Zentrale Themen, die sich auch in seinen performativen Werken wiederfinden, sind dabei das Kochen und Essen: Mehrfach wird der Künstler im Ausstellungsraum für die Besucher ein Essen zubereiten, dass traditionell samstags in Indien gekocht wird, um damit Shani – den mächtigsten Planetengott und gefürchteten Herrn des Karmas – zu besänftigen (Termine unter
MMK Museum of Modern Art:
Large systems made of stainless steel utensils, fruit bronze, golden bicycles and lunch boxes, which"Everything is Inside" Indian artist Subodh Gupta (born 1964) in his most comprehensive exhibition in Europe. For his installations he used profane everyday objects, the layers of the reality of the city, such as the rural population of India together. Culturally uncommitted attributions of meaning provides Gupta head and core values systems into question.
In his work reflects a contemporary vision of India: A Society for traditional values, spirituality and religious beliefs are as important as a consistent modernization and the associated processes of transformation in all areas of life.
Important topics that are also found in his performative works, there are cooking and eating: several artists are a meal in the showroom for visitors prepared that to Shani is traditionally cooked on Saturday in India - the most powerful planet-god and Mr. Karma fears -. appease (appointments under