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Mudra Sculptures

Indira Gandhi Airport
One image has dominated coverage of the addition to the GMR-run New Delhi airport: The installation of a series of giant hands jutting from a wall of what look like copper discs along T3′s main concourse.
Indian industrial design firm Incubis Consultants, and U.S.-based branding company Landor Associates shaped the artistic choices for the terminal and settled upon the idea of the hands, which were made and installed by Jaipur-based designer Ayush Kasliwal. Here are edited excerpts from a conversation with Incubis head Amit Gulati.:
IRT: How did you come up with the design?
Gulati: It was a bit of a team effort. There was a lot of brainstorming done on it. This artwork is part of a larger process of creating design installations and graphics within the terminal. It’s the largest, so it’s hogged all the limelight.
GMR has built a pretty world-class infrastructure over here. All airports have very similar design vocabulary. They are actually machines. They tend to evolve in a similar glass and metallic fashion. Very early on they were keen to give the terminal an Indian context and infuse it with Indian values. The basic positioning we created for the terminal was 'Expressive India.' All classical Indian dance forms use mudras [hand gestures]. It’s a common vocabulary.