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Charles Bové


Seconde Nature 2010

Place d'Arvieux, Marseille
Seconde Nature is a permanent installation that mixes the real with the virtual. The work is made up of an 18-meter-high orange-colored sculpture whose shape is reminiscent of a shell or the large sail of a boat. As such, this sculpture is a strong sign in this urban space. From it is projected each evening onto a part of the facades of the surrounding warehouses a new generative virtual garden of monumental size (28 meters x 14 meters) that is inspired by Mediterranean flora (cactuses, succulent plants, palm trees, etc.).
This virtual garden grows in an infinite variety of ways and changes following the cycle of the seasons. Each one of the gardens virtual plants is autonomous. They are all born randomly, blossom, and die in accordance with their morphogenetic code.
The virtual garden is interactive. When visitors walk by the base of the sculpture, the plants individually turn around themselves. Likewise, the passing of the tramway generates a virtual wind that knocks down all the leaves and branches from this imaginary garden, thereby making room for a new garden to grow.
Miguel Chevalier and Charles Bov, Seconde Nature (2010). Arvieux Square, Marseille.
Public Commission for: Marseille 2013.
Commissioned by: Euromditrrane.
Software: Music2eye.
For the video of the installation check
Ce livre montre à travers une série de photographies et de dessins le processus d'élaboration et de fabrication ainsi que les enjeux de l'œuvre d'art public Seconde Nature située face aux docks de Marseille. Conçue par l'artiste Miguel Chevalier et l'architecte-designer Charles Bové, cette installation allie le réel et le virtuel.
En écho au livre, le film de Gilles Coudert présent dans le DVD, nous fait découvrir le processus d'élaboration et de fabrication de Seconde Nature. Miguel Chevalier et Charles Bové nous racontent comment ils l'ont conçu ensemble et nous en donnent les enjeux. Seconde Nature est une œuvre commanditée par Euroméditerranée en préfiguration de Marseille-Provence 2013, Capitale Européenne de la Culture.