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Miracle Horse

City Art Square
The relationship of Hong Kong and horses are believed to begin through horse racing. The Hong Kong Jockey club was established at 1884, having a history of 124 years. The Hong Kong Jockey Club's contribution to Hong Kong social welfare is well known. For the past 10 years, the average offering reaches as high as a billion Hong Kong dollars. Schools, charities, hospitals and places for performances are found everywhere in Hong Kong. For years, horse racing news is learned from the media. Each race's betting amount and admitting population seem to have become the economic index of Hong Kong. In the 1980s, the deceased horse commenter Tung Biu's image is deeply built in the public's minds. He was extraordinarily attractive, thus even people who did not bet on horse racing enjoyed watching horse racing on television and greatly appreciated his personal style in horse commenting. He even turned into a film and television entertainer and became a legend character in Hong Kong. Many people in Hong Kong are influenced by parents' interest in horse racing, television and media, thus would bet on horse racing. However, there are some who have never seen a real horse or stepped in the jockey course. He remember that when he was young, he walked in a narrow lane in Happy Valley while a horse suddenly in front of him, it was brought from the horse stable in the mountain to the jockey course for practice, the"giant animal" seemed like it fell off from the sky. He suddenly felt like he just woke up from a dream. He realized that horse is such a one of a kind animal. Various visions appeared in his mind, the horses' morning practices on television, results of horse races, the colorful patterns on the jockey's clothes in newspapers, the feeling of imitating a cowboy on the dining chairs kept appearing in his mind. He could still remember that a horse's name is Miracle Horse, thus he named this sculpture under its name.
Freeman Lau, famous Hong Kong designer, creates this patterned horse in the form of a chair. He prefers the horse facing the road so that it can attract people’s attention when driving in and also helps to welcome people to the Square.
The childlike innocence moves me most. The sculpture is so comfortable to look at. The decorative design makes a feeling of blue and white porcelain. It is a mixture of elegance and loveliness. It is a miracle.