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Ming Ju


Living World Series - Parachute

Hong Kong Museum of Art
The exhibition features 120 sets of works from the"Living World Series", made with materials including wood, ceramics, stone, bronze and stainless steel. The sculptures were created based on people's daily life and reflect different roles in family and society. Among the exhibits are depictions of elderly people spending time playing with their grandchildren, the anxious look of people in a queue, the brave expressions of soldiers, the carefree attitude of people practising tai chi, the beautiful movement of dancers and the elegance of swimmers.
From 1980, Ju continued to gain international acclaim and exhibited abroad. He started The Living World"family" which he continues to expand. These bright figures are made of bronze, stainless steel, painted wood, foam rubber and cast bronze, giving him freedom to depict the human form in all its varieties. Another is his"Living World" series, depicting figures drawn from a modern, westernized society. Much of Ju Ming's work is housed at the Ju Ming Museum, just outside Taipei. The museum was built at the artist's expense, and is open to the public. He was awarded the 18th Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize in 2007.
Dunkerque Modern Arts Association Chairman G. Delaine describes the work 'Living World Series—Parachute': 'The strength of these sculptures does not lie merely in the dimensions of their figures; it is in the life force set free by them. These warrior gestures make us think they are about to overthrow their opponents in a single swift move.'