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2Hong Kong Museum of Art
In front of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Salisbury Garden is reopened to the public since February 2014 after its renovation, turning it into Art Square for visual art events, music performances and other cultural activities."Heaven, Earth and Man – A Hong Kong Art Exhibition" will be the first-ever outdoor exhibition at Art Square.
Three renowned local artists, Danny Lee Chin-fai, Kum Chi-keung and Rosanna Li Wei-han created large and site-specific sculptures for the Art Square. With the theme of"Heaven, Earth and Man", the sculptures will guide the visitors to appreciate the different elements of nature, to explore the interaction between humans, and also to enjoy the artistic atmosphere around. You may listen to the artists talking about their artworks and inspiration while appreciating the artworks, through scanning the QR Code on-site or click the link below. As a forecourt of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Art Square will serve as an open platform, allowing more direct dialogue between the Museum and the visitors. We look forward to seeing you at the new landmark of Tsim Sha Tsui Harbourfront.