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A Dew Drop

Chek Lap Kok Airport
Reflecting subtle
A Dew Drop by Chin Fai Danny Lee has a gentle form and reflects the environment subtle and stylish. A reflective material makes me lugubrious because it shows no inside and deviates my communication. It is located in an airport. On this location people don’t tend to show much of their interior.
How would it be if the form would have an opening (such as Red Cube and My Sky Hole) or would be partly made of glass so the interior would be visible?

A Dew Drop van Chin Fai Danny Lee heeft een zachte vorm en weerkaatst de omgeving subtiel en stijlvol. Een spiegelend materiaal vind ik een beetje verdrietig doordat het binnenste niet zichtbaar is en het mij onmogelijk maakt om te communiceren. Hoe zou het zijn als de vorm een opening zou hebben (zoals Red Cube en My Sky Hole) of dat een gedeelte van glas zou zijn en het binnenste zichtbaar zou worden?
By Theo,

Compared with other works
The artwork Aurora by Ruth Asawa (San Francisco, picture 1, more information) is made by a human hand, perhaps in first instance Japanese paper folded together. It can make sense to Japanese people, many of whom live in San Francisco. The work is standing in the water. On the background there is Oakland Bay Bridge (looking alike the nearby legendary Golden Gate Bridge). This work is made by hand and standing in the nature, all though the scale is different.

The artwork Tau by Roger Berry (San Francisco, picture 2, more information) is wonderfully attractive. In an artificial space made of concrete and steel, this is a welcome game changer by use of the basic shape, the beautiful material, the correct scale and the craftsmanship.
By Theo,

The artwork Oriental Light Sundail (artist unknown, Shanghai, picture 3, more information) is also made by hands. The choosen material makes it reminiscent of an object for space travel, it is in any case a modern object. It seems rather to have an instrumental than an artistic function.

Vanishing Point by Jay Battle (London, picture 4, more information) is carved out of stone. In the center, the material is perfectly smoothly polished. It makes me think of a belly button of a woman. The material is shiny and I can almost feel the skin. This is a beautiful piece of art that is honest, is showing itself, gives a sense of beauty and meaning without imposing itself.
By Theo,

The Sky Mirror by Anish Kapoor (New York, picture 5, more information) makes use of a mirror in a completely original way: it leaves the viewer not in solitude but it extends the sight of the Viewer. My Sky Hole could do something like that: if a portion of the mirror surface was omitted but the view was restricted to something which is important.

To me My Sky Hole by Inoue Bukichi (Tokyo, picture 6, more information) is closed and hard. Closed because the mirror reflects everything and (because of that) point out nothing of himself. Hard because it occurs to be perfect (having the form of a ball). Dew Drop is also closed but has a gentle form.

The Red Cube by Noguchi Isamu (New York, picture 7, more information) has a perfect shape (just like My Sky Hole), but turns out to be open and cheerful. It’s open to the environment by giving it the color which is needed. Happy because of it’s heavy mass is standing on one point. Interestingly, the artwork has a round opening (just like My Sky Hole), perhaps to show something of the inside.
By Theo,

Vergelijking met andere werken
De Sky Mirror van Anish Kapoor (New York, afbeelding 5,meer informatie) maakt op een volstrekt originele manier gebruik van een spiegel: het laat de kijker niet in eenzaamheid achter maar verruimd juist de blik van de kijker. Iets dergelijks was ook mogelijk bij My Sky Hole: een gedeelte van de spiegel zou kunnen vervallen zodat het restant van de spiegel zou reflecteren was belangrijk is.

Ik vind My Sky Hole van Inoue Bukichi (Tokyo, afbeelding 6,meer informatie) gesloten en hard. Gesloten doordat de spiegel alles weerkaatst en (daarmee) niets van zichzelf laat zien. Hard doordat het zich voordoet perfect te zijn (in de vorm van een bol). Dew Drop is ook gesloten maar heeft een zachte vorm.

De Red Cube van Noguchi Isamu (New York, afbeelding 7,meer informatie) heeft weliswaar een perfecte vorm (net zoals My Sky Hole), maar blijkt ook open en vrolijk te zijn. Open voor de omgeving om de kleur te geven die het nodig heeft. Vrolijk door met zijn zware massa op één punt te gaan staan. Interessant is dat het kunstwerk een ronde opening heeft (nét zoals My Sky Hole), misschien om hierdoor iets van het binnenste te laten zien.
By Theo,
This polished stainless steel piece on base of granite was created by Danny Lee Chin Fai in 2005 and is called A Dew Drop. Using a technique similar to traditional Chinese carpentry, Lee grinds a piece of stainless steel to form this mirror-like surface, reflecting the view around it.
You may be interested to read what the plaque says:
Nature is all around us. Yet often we look but do not see. Next time you see morning dew, take a look at just one small dew drop. See your surroundings reflected there. Look closely and you will see a reflection of yourself. So why not pause and try to look at ourselves, objects and people around us from a fresh perspective?
The Hong Kong Airport is one of my favorite airports. Besides being an attractive modern piece of architecture, inside and out, well laid out, well lit and convenient for travelers (free public PCs and WiFi, yay!), since 2005 there has been on display a wide and interesting variety of local public art.
"A Dew Drop" by Lee Chin Fai Danny
Polished stainless steel on base of granite.
When I passed through Hong Kong airport a couple of years ago I spotted a beautiful sculpture of a dew drop. I love the way the sculptor, Danny Lee Chin Fai, has given a sense of weight to the 'water' – I can almost feel the surface tension holding the drop in its shape and preventing it from flowing out onto the floor.
The sculpture has a caption that reads: 'Nature is all around us. Yet often we look but do not see. Next time you see morning dew, take a look at just one small dew drop. See your surroundings reflected there. Look closely and you will see a reflection of yourself. So why not pause and try to look at ourselves, objects and people around us from a fresh perspective?'
Perhaps you have seen beautiful dew drops lying on a plant in your garden, or maybe draped on a spider web?
Modern art abstract stainless steel public sculpture for Hongkong international airport decoration
Port Guangzhou or Shenzhen
While leaving Hong Kong, expect some more surprises at the Chek Lap Kok international airport built in 1998 on Lantau Island.