Art@Site Eddie Lui Clouds in the Sky

Eddie Lui


Clouds in the Sky

Yat Tung Estate, Tung Chung
Lui’s artwork proposal‭: ‬Clouds in the Sky‭, ‬became a selected entry to the New Face of Heritage public art competition 2004‭ (‬舊物新顏‭: ‬逸東邨公衆藝術第二階段計劃比賽‭), ‬organized by the Art Promotion Office and the Housing Department in Hong Kong‭. ‬And in 2005‭ ‬the organizer commissioned him to‭ ‬produce and install the 3.3-metre-high 3-D rendition‭. ‬In November 2006‭ ‬his entry was further recognised by the Hong Kong Housing Authority and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department as one of the best-implemented works in the public art competition‭.‬‭
Eddie LUI‭ (‬呂豐雅‭ ‬Lv Fengya in Putonghua‭) ‬was born in Hong Kong in 1947‭. ‬His family relocated to their homeland in the Haifeng County of Guangdong Province‭ (‬廣東省海豐縣‭) ‬in the late 1940’s and resettled in Hong Kong in 1956‭. ‬Between 1969‭ ‬and 1972‭, ‬he acquired formal training in visual arts from the 3-year full part-time Certificate Courses in Arts and Design‭ (‬三年制藝術與設計文憑課程‭) ‬at the‭, ‬then‭, ‬Department of Extramural Studies‭ (‬now SPACE—School of Professional and Continued Education‭), ‬The University of Hong Kong‭. ‬ ‬
A joint initiative of the Hong Kong Housing Authority and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Tung Chung Artwalk is the first public art garden set in the midst of public estate buildings. The 26 artworks were selected in two phases from a total of 316 outstanding submissions. The first 16 on display since 2002 have been well received. In November 2006, another 10 distinguished creations joined the Artwalk, making it an even more fascinating experience to its visitors.
The public art installation project at Yat Tung Estate, Tung Chung, was planned in two stages in line with the estate's construction schedule. The first stage, launched in 2000, saw artists invited to design 16 site-specific artworks for display on the estate, while 10 more artworks were selected in an open competition in the second stage conducted in 2003. These 26 artworks were installed in the rest areas, along corridors, walkways and staircases, amid plants and greenery and in other outdoor public spaces on the estate. Together, these installations line up to form an aesthetically beautiful and leisurely art walk and give Yat Tung a very special look that is unique among Hong Kong's public housing estates. Jointly organised by the Art Promotion Office of the Leisure & Cultural Services Department and the Housing Department.