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Ron Arad



Canary Riverside
Windwand is as tall as some of the buildings that surround it, a 50-metre high needle made of red carbon fibre. It was designed to flex gently in the wind, subverting one's expectations of what tall objects in this area should do.
Ron Arad came to London from Israel in 1973 to study at the Architectural Association and is now regarded as one of Britain's most inventive designers, whose work crosses boundaries between art, design and architecture.
From 1997-2009 he was influential as course leader of the Design Products masters' degree at the Royal College of Art.
Most of the structures Gurit are asked to engineer involve the usual requirements for stiffer, stronger, lighter and lower cost structures, so it was interesting to be challenged by Ron Arad to produce instead a very flexible structure. His idea was to produce a very slender column 50m high that would move 'interestingly' in even the lightest of airs. The structure was to have an array of high intensity lights at the top, forming either words or interesting flashing sequences at the top and was to be positioned on the Riverside development at Canary Wharf, London.