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Fernando Botero


Broadgate Venus

Exchange Square
body's celebrate
Venus shows her body for a careful look. With her eyes open and her pretty mouth closed she waits quietly, wondering what is going to happen. Her whole body is relaxed. That is what you can see, for example in her right hand that is easely bent inward.
On one detail you can see what she expects from her viewers: with her left hand she makes a "stop" gesture. We are welcome, but in relaxation and at a safe distance.
We can see her chubby face with happy chin, playful breasts, wide hips, solid legs, straight toes, full bunch of hair.
Venus knows what she wants and knows we like to see her. Venus is celebrating her mind and her body.
By Theo,

lichaam vieren
Venus laat haar lichaam rustig bekijken. Met haar ogen open en haar mondje gesloten wacht zij rustig af wat er gaat gebeuren. Haar hele lichaam is ontspannen. Dat zie bijvoorbeeld aan haar rechterhand dat losjes naar binnen gebogen is.
Aan één detail kun je zien wat zij van haar kijker verwacht: met haar linkerhand maakt zij een ‘stop’-gebaar. Wij zijn welkom maar in ontspanning op een zekere afstand.
Wij zien haar mollige gezicht met vrolijke kinnetje, speelse borstjes, brede heupen, stevige benen, rechte teentjes, volle bos haren.
Venus weet wat zij wil en weet dat wij haar graag zien. Venus viert haar geest en haar lichaam.
Door Theo,
Fernando Botero was born April 19, 1932, in Medellín, Colombia. He was heavily influenced by the Spanish Colonial art that surrounded him as a child. In 1960 Botero moved to New York. His easily recognisable paintings of round, corpulent humans and animals became well known to the American art world. In the early '70s Botero moved to Paris and began creating sculptures in addition to painted works on canvas. During the 1980s, Botero's work became quite popular and began to command a high price in the marketplace. In 1992 one of his paintings depicting a brothel scene sold for $1.5 million, a record for a Botero at auction. The five_ton bronze nude, Broadgate Venus, is one of his largest outdoor pieces.
The 5 ton Broadgate Venus created by Fernando Botero placed here in Exchange Square in 1990. Bang in the middle of the business area. Does she represent the excesses of business or a comment on the size zero women one is more likely to see in this district? This is a Monday to Friday area. During the weekend nothing is open and the square is generally isolated.