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Christopher Le Brun


The City Wing

Old Broad Street
Sir Christopher Mark Le Brun PPRA (born 1951) is a British artist, known primarily as a painter. President of the Royal Academy of Arts from 2011 to December 2019, Le Brun was knighted in the 2021 New Year Honours "for services to the arts".
City Wing, 2009–13, 1,050 x 325 x 60 cm, bronze. A monumental sculpture was installed on Threadneedle Walk in Bank, London in 2013.
On consistent terms which Le Brun has made uniquely his own, he has created a considerable body of work in large or quite small paintings, with drawings and many engravings of inventive refinement which, put all together, makes a visible and credible world of its own. An intensity of visual concept in its broad sense sustains an oddly relaxed, divergent and exploratory tension derived from the calculated and extremely variable deployment of each brushmark in its placement on the canvas. He offers us a feast for the eye demanded by Delacroix as the first requisite of any painting before it has meaning. Some of the ways in which Le Brun deploys pigment appear to stem from early Guston and, before that, from the late Monet that we encounter in the Musee Marmotton – but the world celebrated by Le Brun in this use of paint stems in essence from the romantic past of poetry, myth and legend.
Londoners walk past the sculpture entitled City Wing on Threadneedle Street in the City of London, the capital's financial district, on 24th July 2018, in London, England. City Wing is by the artist Christopher Le Brun. The ten-metre-tall bronze sculpture is by President of the Royal Academy of Arts, Christopher Le Brun.