London Art@Site Tony Burke Double helix stacked glass sculpture

Tony Burke


Double helix stacked glass sculpture

Cardinal Place
Why always in bronze, would Tony Burke say with his Helix Stacked Glass Structure. The fire that edited the glass still appears to me, and creates a powerful twisting motion.

Compared with other artworks
While clear lines croak the surface, they become long lines that give dynamism to the artwork Onda Victoria by Franceso Somaini (Milan, picture 1, more information). The artwork has a great power of expression in the transfer of a large number of meanings.

Power, energy, and elegancy has Monumento Arma made by Luciano Minguzi (Milan, picture 2, more information). To me some elementes are a little too explicit, like the bowl on the bottom of the work.

With the powerfull lines of Flamme, Bernhard Heiliger is tellinlg that mankind is versatile, powerful and energetic. This is a wonderful positive artwork (Berlin, picture 3, more information).

The artwork Monumento Caduti by Carlo Ramous (Milan, picture 4, more information) has lines and spaces that lie along each other and may slowly move in the wind without a clear focus.
By Theo,