London Art@Site Benjamin Creswick Cutlers Hall Frieze

Benjamin Creswick


Cutlers Hall Frieze

St Magaret Street
Sculptor: Benjamin Creswick Architect: T. Tayler Smith. Terracotta, 84cm high x 9.4m long. [Entire façade] Signed: in three different places — to the right of the furnace in the left-hand panel — B.Creswick/ 1887; beneath the old man buffing knives in the panel second from left — B.Creswick/ 1887; on grinding stone in second panel from the left — B.Creswick.
The freize depicts four main subjects (reading left to right): Forging, Grinding, Hafting and Fitting. According to Philip Ward-Jackson, '[a] full description of the action of each of the 33 figures is provided in the British Architect magazine of 6 April 1888. . . . . The products being worked on are knives and scissors, and the workers, all male, are aged between seven and seventy.'