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Nic Fiddian-Green


Still Water

Hyde Park (changed location)
Aspects of this artwork
This artwork is an ode to the horse. The mouth is gently touching the ground, the nose remains closed to the bottom but from this point a long line meets the relaxed glancing eyes. Muscles around the jaw line show that the horse is drinking. The ears accelerate the line of the nose, while they continue to listen.
How wondrous that only the head is there, but yet the feeling arises that horse is near us.
The head seems to be realistic, although I have a feeling that the head is longer than in reality.
It is nice that the sculpture is that realistic. Therefore, the artwork really seems to drink.
It is unusual that an artwork in this size stay lose and subtle.
The erosion of the material make wonderful lines that strengthened the long lines. The color fits nicely against a gray sky with clouds and a cool blue of sunny weather.
The sculpture stands on a spacious location so it seems that there is room for the entire noble animal. The vulnerability of the animal becomes even more obvious during the romping play and football game buy kids running around the artwork.
With this piece, the lawn is transformed into a poetic space. It will be wonderful to be together in the vicinity of this beauty.
This artwork is a masterpiece that is realistic yet is poetic and aesthetic, has a large size and remains subtle.
By Theo,

Compared with other artworks
This miracle of art David by Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (Venice, picture 1, more information) retains its beauty, power and magic in every format it would have been implemented.

The large scale of this artwork Spider by Louise Bourgeois (New York, picture 2, more information), is one of the reasons of it’s impact. When this artwork would have a small scale, the impact would be less. The meaning of the artwork is needed to have impact if it would have a small scale.

American cities such as Los Angeles, can cope well with large format artworks. Memory Reflection by Lita Albuquergue (Los Angeles, picture 3, more information) first appears to be a little star, than becomes a thin line that gradually turns into a fountain and a gold sphere that seems to rise to the sky.

This artwork Torri di Luciana by Mauro Staccioli (Florence, picture 4, more information) seems to be able to carry the entire area and be able to place this on the earth. In a smaller size, the effect would be partially lost.
By Theo,
Fiddian Green is best known as an equestrian sculptor, working primarily in bronze and in beaten lead. He held his first exhibition in 1986, and has shown in London, New York, South Africa and Australia. He carries out major site-specific commissions: two recent monumental pieces have been Turning Horse for Glyndebourne Opera House in Sussex, and Horses Head in the Wind, for Treasury Holdings in Barrow Street, Dublin. We feel that it is these large-scale pieces that show him at his best, and we have carried out several very successful projects with him on behalf of our clients.
‘Still Water’. Monumental 33 ft high sculpture in bronze. Marble Arch, London.
From a limited edition of three copies. On loan to London from the artist.