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Gary Hume


Pecking Bird

Regent's Place
"Well, a painting should be tough, it should have muscle, but I have to find some tenderness in it too. There has to be that dynamic".
Hume's chosen medium of household gloss paint on aluminium adds to the work's luminosity. He captures a fleeting moment: the bird s wings are cropped, its eye is empty, that beak is not cuddly. We cannot see them but we know that the insects below - or any other food packages - are in for a shock. The crisp edges and surprising colours challenge us to respond.
We are excited to announce that Gary Hume's Pecking Bird has now joined British Land s public collection of contemporary art at Regent s Place.
Dimensions: 14 metres high and 9 metres wide.
Height: 16.95m meters from above the ground.
This prominent south-facing position will mean that Pecking Bird will be seen from many West End view-points including, Tottenham Court Road, Euston Road and Warren Street Station.
This public art work was water jet cut from 15mm aluminium. Each of the layers is mounted on cylindrical aluminium rods. This provides an additional 3D element to the work, giving it extra impact. The artist demanded an extremely high gloss level to the work. Multiple layers of wet spraying were built up slowly on the face to achieve this. This results in a colour saturation and visual impact that really catches the eye.
Nes Architectural s large scale manufacturing was key to ensure the abstract modules that make up the sculptural painting are to scale and ratio.
Due to this highly reflective surface and tight viewing angle from many perspectives that flatness of the material was key. This was ensured through a stringent flatness quality assurance regime through the different stages of the project. Hopefully the work contributes to the visual landscape of the open air gallery that is the Euston Road for all of the people working, studying at the university campus or just visiting this fantastic city.
Client: British Land, Date: 2013, Location: Regent's Place, 2 Triton Square Mall Regent's Place London.