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Eduardo Paolozzi


Head of Invention

Butlers Wharf
The sculpture is installed in front of the Design Museum on the Thames at Butler’s Wharf, London. It is by the sculptor Eduardo Paolozzi who, despite his Italian sounding name, was Scottish. The sculpture is dated 1989. On one end is a quotation attributed to Leonardo da Vinci that reads:
Though human genius in its various inventions with various instruments may answer the same end, it will never find an invention more beautiful or more simple or direct tha nature, because in her inventions nothing is lacking and nothing is superfluous. Leonardo da Vinci.
The bronze sculpture is of a human head laid with its left side down and rest on baulks of timber. The face is interlaced with incisions that have parts of the quotation set within them. Close to the chin are some gear wheels. The piece is about three metres in length and about two metres high. At the rear of the sculpture the back of the head has been removed to espose bits of machinery that no doubt represent the brain. At the base of the neck is the inscription and on the crown of the head the sculptor's details.
Paolozzi investigated how we can fit into the modern world to resemble our fragmented civilization through imagination and fantasy. By the dramatic juxtaposition of ideas in his work, he let us see the confusion as well as the inspiration'.