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Michael Kalish



L.A. Live's Plaza
How do you immortalize one of the greatest sportsmen in history? Public artist Michael Kalish did just that through his project ReAlIze, using 1,300 punching bags, 6.5 miles of stainless steel cable and 2,500 pounds of aluminium pipe to create a 22ft high installation portrait of ‘The Greatest’, heavyweight boxer and legendary icon, Muhammad Ali. Seen by over 500 million people in Los Angeles in 2011, Square Rock Group, as official partner, will be taking this travelling installation across the globe in collaboration with Kalish.
Designed as collaboration between Oyler Wu Collaborative and Michael Kalish, this traveling installation is built as a tribute to the life and cultural significance of Muhammad Ali. The project is aimed at exposing a new generation to this larger than life character by building an appreciation for the nuanced emotional, aesthetic, and technical principles that collectively form experience – a concept that holds true as much for human persona as it does for architecture.
Conceived of as an experiential 2-D image, the core of the project is a seemingly random field of 1300 boxing speed bags that, when viewed from a single vantage point, form a pixilated image of the face of Muhammad Ali. The structure is designed with the intention of simultaneously supporting the clarity and focus from that vantage point, while enriching the experience of the piece from all others, through a combination of dense structural bundles, material effects, and geometrical repetition.
Michael Kalish
1973: Born February 22
1992–1994: University Of Rhone Island, Kingson, RI
1994–1996: Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA