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Joyce Kohl


Bamboo Synapse

3435 Wilshire Boulevard
"Bamboo Synapse", 2007, Bronze cast bamboo, Commission by Jamison Services, for Equitable City Center Shopping Center, Los Angeles Percentage for the Arts, sculpture 6 ft. x 6 ft., area with recycled glass benches, & travertine, 25 ft. x 25 ft.
Kohl said that teaching art is different from teaching other subjects because what she really wants is for the students to be creative. She said she stresses there are many ways to do things and that she wants people to follow their own path.
Kohl added that the hardest part of teaching art is that at the end of the quarter she has to give a grade because to her it’s not about the grade. I love this!
Kohl even goes out of her way to give her students suggestions on what to look up to get an idea such was the case with CSUB student and music education major Fernando Montoya when she suggested what pieces to look at to get an idea for his project.
'She’s great,' Montoya said. 'She’s very knowledgeable and helpful. It has been very enjoyable. She pushes you to try something new, and she’s very passionate. I like the energy she puts off.'
Kohl has also found success with making her own pieces such as 'Bamboo Synapse' in Los Angeles, which consists of bronze cast bamboo.