Art@Site Rob Ley Lumenscape

Rob Ley



Solair Building
The artwork explores the potential of haptic sensations within the normally reserved public space by offering textural surfaces and scales that provoke visual and tactile exploration. The varying, animated color palette pulls its soft, glowing references from the array of Koreatown neon signs.
An undulating environment of shifting light, Lumenscape activates the entry wall at the top of the public stairway for the new transit-oriented Koar development project and serves as a luminous gateway in relation to the underground subway and the intense speed of the nearby traffic intersection.
In an early pre-project meeting with the building owner, a sculptural light wall was proposed as it would create a welcoming element that would draw visitors towards a 2nd level gathering and shopping space. This idea was well received, and a very prominent surface of the building was then chosen as the ideal location for this piece.
While most public installations focus on the masses as an audience, lumenscape explores interaction on an individual level. The installation is composed of translucent tiles that have a unique texture and allow the light behind them to shine through to create a vivid glow. The light changes in colour and intensity over time, further promoting interactivity with the user.
Urbana is a multi-disciplinary design and architecture studio led by Rob Ley. The studio’s latest project is a large-scale haptic light installation that is located inside a new development project in los angeles.
The installation is located at the top of a grand public stairwell, which leads to an underground subway station. the designers at urbana wanted to explore the idea of tactile desire within public space.