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Centre Street Lofts
See yourself in the spotlight
How wonderful it must be for you to get a star in Hollywood? Christain Moeller gives with Mojo you fame for one second at an unexpected moment.
By Theo,

Compared with other works
Molly Dilwort gives her Cool Water Hot Island (New York, picture 1,
more information) refreshment and atmosphere in the city and invites you to move on the waves arranged on Time Square.

Some works seem very similar! The shades of the artwork by Max Neuhaus (New York, picture 2, more information) are rich and subtle. The grid has a simple and functional character. I would like it when a finer material was chosen.

Untitled by Diana Thater (Los Angeles, picture 3, more information) uses warm fresh materials so that the atmosphere is improved in the city's night.

Do you recognize this: walking endlessly in the evening in a sad city without much to see, especially when you cross a square? Som has created with Avenue Lit Floor (London, picture 4, more information) a playful art made of illuminated lines that cater on a sophisticated way to the people crossing the square. The artwork uses technology to control lights. This is modern, interesting. The colors are playful and make merry. The artwork is physical: I feel like Michael Jackson and have a tendency to dance, to be the center, to carry out a perfect act. This is a good work of art that invites you to move, make fun together and seduce.
By Theo,