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Via Vittor Pisani
Cracking Art Group is a collective made up of 6 international artists that was formed in 1993. The group considers 'cracking' the process which transforms the natural into artificial; organic into synthetic. Their interventions involve huge colored plastic animals invading spaces, usually as a cry for awareness. By selecting recycled plastic and adapting it to their own purpose, Cracking Art Group is attempting to hold back control of the process and turn it towards fulfilling the movement’s social and environmental commitment to reinstating humanity as part of nature, not apart from it.
Their most recent intervention titled REgeneration took place earlier this month (October 5th through 13th) in Milan at the Duomo. In collaboration with the cathedral and Opera d’Arte, Cracking Art Group created and placed 50 blue snail sculptures on the Duomo’s roof to call attention to the much-needed repairs and restoration. 100 smaller limited edition snails were also created and sold at the Glauco Cavaciuti Gallery with net proceeds going towards to the restoration of the cathedral.
Il termine Cracking deriva dal verbo di lingua inglese to crack, traducibile con schioccare, spaccarsi, cedere. La scelta di questo nome indica sia le intenzioni di proporsi come innovazione e rottura all'interno della storia dell'arte, sia il divario di fondo tra la materia naturale e quella artificiale, tra il materiale organico e quello sintetico.
Quest'ultima contrapposizione in particolare si riflette nella scel ta dei materiali (plastica riciclata) e quindi nell'impegno sociale e ambientale del movimento. La Cracking Art si propone di modificare le regole dell'arte, con un continuo riferimento alla contemporaneità, non solo artistica ma anche storica e culturale. Nodo importante è la natura, da difendere e salvare anche attraverso l'uso del linguaggio artistico.

The term comes from the Cracking English verb to crack, translated with pop, crack, give in. The choice of this name indicates the intention to act as innovation and disruption within the history of art, both the underlying gap between natural and artificial matter, between the organic and the synthetic material.
The latter opposed in particular reflected in choice ta materials (recycled plastic) and then in social and environmental commitment of the movement. The Cracking Art aims to change the rules of the art, with a continuous reference to the contemporary artistic not only but also history and culture. Important node is nature to defend and save through the use of artistic language.