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Metropolitan Neurotics

Piazza della Stazione Centrale
Nevrotici Metropolitani, meaning metropolitan neurotics, is an unconventional nativity scene by Swiss artist Kurt Laurenz Metzler. Held in Piazza San Francesco in Assisi, the exhibition is made up of 40 sculptures representing the 'neurosis' of those living in big metropolises. The 40 brightly coloured statues, which Metzler created himself, are made of bronze, aluminium, resin and other materials, and can be as high as six metres, spreading over a massive 250 square metre platform. An impressive project, Nevrotici Metropolitani was conceived in New York and has since exhibited in Milan, Florence, Venice, and Zurich, and is now on show in Assisi.
Kurt Laurenz Metzler (born January 26, 1941), Signature"KLM", is a Swiss sculptor. His artworks coined a lot of Swiss cities, the most of them can be found at public places. From July to October he took part in the:"Bella Estate Dell'Arte of Milan", showing a traveling exhibition"Nevrotici Metropolitani" at the Milan Central Station square. The exhibition was curated by art critic Vittorio Sgarbi and praised by Milan mayor Letizia Moratti.